Update: Photos on a rainy day

Update 11:30am: Weather Lab rain gauge in Deephaven now sporting .80″ of rain today. Steady moderate to heavy at times in heavier downpours.

Back edge of this wave of rain will exit the metro in the next hour. Still a few more showers moving east in southern Minnesota may clip the metro this afternoon.

Rainfall at MSP approaching .70″ with a good deep soaking in most of central and southern Minnesota today.



A nice soaking rain has produced .40″ so far at the Huttner Weather Lab in the west metro. I snapped a few photos this morning to document this wet June day.

1 a deck rain.jpg

Rain puddles up on the weather lab deck

(Photos by Paul Huttner. Click on picture for more detailed image)

1 a hostas rain.jpg

Weather lab hostas soaking up the raindrops

1 a rain ferns.jpg

Ferns loving the cool wet weather.

1 a stp.gif

Twin Cities NEXRAD doppler total rainfall loop shows widespread .25″ rains. Note the heavier rainfall near the Iowa border.

It looks liek the rain will gradually end from west to east this afternoon. One model, the RUC or rapid update cycle has the back edge of the rain clearing the metro by about 4 to 5pm today.

1 a ruc.gif

NOAA RUC model shows back edge of rain (green colored area) moving through the eastern Minnesota at 4pm today.


  • j

    It’s nice to see all the bright green after last year’s drier weather left things a little drab looking.

    Any chance this rainy, cloudy weather pattern gets out of here by Friday? NOAA shows a chance of showers in Mpls Thursday through Sunday!

  • Paul Huttner


    There is a chance the front moves north of the metro and we bust out into a very warm humid air mass Friday and into Saturday.

    It usually doesn’t rain all the time with these fronts, more likely a few rounds of showers and T-Storms this weekend, with many warm and humid (but dry) hours in between.

    If we get sun Friday, we could soar into the mid or upper 80s with tropical humidity and dew points in the 70s.

    Can you say free sauna?