Moderate risk remains

Tornado probability as defined by the Storm Prediction Center for this evening and overnight is around ten percent. There is a higher probability of straightline damaging winds and large hail, in the range of 40 to 45 percent.

Safety tips for tornadoes:

Monitor two sources for information, including NOAA Weather Radio.

Plan on where you will locate if a warning is issued. Lowest floor away from windows and under furniture if possible to protect against falling or flying debris.

In an appartment, the stairwell on the lowest floor is one of the best shelters.

If you can’t make it from your appartment try to get under the bed or a behind a piece of heavy furniture. The bathroom or and interior closest also offers some protection.

Place a flashlight where you can easily access it if the power goes out.

Have access to a working portable radio.

Phone someone to inform them if you believe they are disconnected from a source of weather information.

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