A day at the beach


UVI for Thursday, June 24, 2010.

While we may end up spending some of the weekend dodging thundershowers, there is still a risk of sun damage even when there is a veil of clouds. Be wise about exposure to the sun particularly a couple of hours either side of the solar noon.

Plenty of outdoor activities are in full swing now that school has let out. As temperatures heat up and we spend more time in the sun think about an application of sunscreen for yourself and young ones. A few folks probably experienced a little burn on Sunday when sunshine was plentiful.

I’ll leave the SPF rating up to the dermatologists. And regarding the the debate about sunscreen inhibiting the intake of vitamin D, you can read up on that yourself.

In the weather business, we are the messengers of weather information, with a minor role to advise on safety precautions. Remember lightning safety? Stay indoors! Pretty basic concept, I would think.

More on localized UVI to track where your summer takes you.


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