Tornado outbreak

1 tor tracks.jpg

Norman, Oklahoma NWS image shows preliminary tracks of 10 tornadoes in Monday’s deadly outbreak.

Monday’s significant tornado outbreak in Kansas and and Oklahoma has produced tragic and remarkable results.

-At least 10 tornadoes are reported in Oklahoma.

-SPC lists 37 tornado reports Monday. Many of those are likely duplicate reports of the same tornado.

-At least 5 people were killed in Oklahoma. There were dozens of injuries.

– We do not yet know what data VORTEX2 captured Monday, but it appears a tornado passed within .7 mile of the VORTEX2 headquarters in Norman. That tornado went on to cause fatalities. It will be interesting to see where the mobile units were deployed when the tornado was within sight of the VORTEX 2 headquarters.

Impressive tornado “couplet:”

Check out the image below which shows a clear tornado couplet on doppler velocity data scan.

1 ok tor.jpg

NWS doppler radar image shows clear “tornado couplet” where red and green colors meet northwest of Seminole, Oklahoma.

The NWS office in Tulsa, Oklahoma has a nice summary of the days events.

NWS survey teams are in the field today to assess the number, paths and EF Scale intensity of the various tornadoes in Kansas and Oklahoma. Stay tuned for more results as the data pours in.


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