Images of spring

It’s been a remarkable spring in the Upper Midwest this year. Record mild spring weather has pushed phenology two to three weeks ahead of schedule.

As I am prone to do, I have been capturing photos around the weather lab on occasion these past few glorious days. Our amazing weather is so good it deserves top honors on the blog today. After specualting on hurricanes and oil slicks and documenting NOAA’s report on the hottest year on record so far, it’s time for a little “fluff” piece on our remarkable spring.

I hope you’ll forgive my dalliance as I share a few images of this most amazing Minnesota springtime. Photos captured around the Lake Minnetonka area.



1 a lilac sky.jpg

Lilac basks under a pristine blue spring sky at the Huttner Weather Lab (Photos by Paul Huttner) click for larger images

1 a carsons fair wx cu1.jpg

Fair weather cumulus glide across the sky on breezy fishing opener Friday on Carsons Bay on Lake Minnetonka.

1 Luke Minnehaha Falls 1.jpg

Minnehaha Falls on Mother’s Day.

1 a Minnehaha top.jpg

Minnehaha Falls: The view from the top.

1 a front garden.jpg

Huttner Weather Lab annual garden takes root.

1 a Gale sunset 1.jpg

Sunset looking west toward Gale and Big Islands on Lake Minnetonka

1 a carsons sunset 1.jpg

Cirrus decorated sunset on Carsons Bay. Note the crescent moon and Venus top of image.

  • Lilacs in May! Here on the shores of Lake Superior, our lilacs generally bloom mid- to late-June.

  • I saw plenty of lilacs in Chanhassen, too.