Epic Nashville floods

1 nash stp.jpg

NEXRAD storm total rainfall shows 15″+ record rainfall in the Nashville area over the weekend.

If they had an arc in Nashville it would be overflowing.

A record 2 day deluge has already broken the monthly record for the wettest May ever in Nashville. Saturday brought 6.32″ of rain to Nashville. That’s the 3rd wettest day in Nashville history. Then came Sunday. An incredible 7.25″ rained down on the city. That smashed the record for the wettest day in Nashville history.

Two day rainfall totals are incredibly over 17″ in some areas! Think about that for a moment. The wettest MONTH n Minnesota is Jun with an average of just over 4″ of rain for the entire month. Areas around Nashville got 17″ in TWO DAYS.

1 bna.png

The pictures are amazing. Cars stacked up like toys. Entire buildings floating down new rivers like arcs. At least 19 people are dead, and local officials have declared a civil emergency for fear the even though the rain has stopped, the still raging floodwaters will claim more lives.


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