Drought returns to Minnesota

Thursday’s updated U.S. Drought Monitor confirms what many in Minnesota already knew just by looking outside. The drought is back.

According to the drought monitor, 25.2% of Minnesota is now in D1 or drought status. The area included is in eastern Minnesota, running east of a line from the northeast metro to International Falls.


Latest drought monitor shows drought expanding in Minnesota.

(click for bigger image)

The drought is even deeper in northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. About 10% of Wisconsin in now listed in severe drought. The severe drought area covers mush of northern Wisconsin and extends into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


Weekend rain may help a little:

A low pressure system will likely bring rain to much of southern Minnesota Saturday. Some rain may reach into north central Minnesota, but it looks like the heaviest, most beneficial rains will again fall south of the drought plagued north.

1 hpc qpf.gif

NOAA rainfall forecast hints at 1″ ranifall possible in southern Minnesota this weekend with lesser amounts to the north.

The bottom line is we are easing back into drought in much of Minnesota. There has been enough rain so far in the south to stave off a return to drought status, and this weekend’s rain will likely help once again from the metro south. There are also signs in the medium range forecast maps that we may move into a wetter pattern the next 10-14 days, with 2 or 3 opportunities for significant rainfall as weather systems move through. This would be good news for northern Minnesota including the Iron Range, Ely and Duluth and the North Shore!

Hang in there…


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