Critical rainfall on the way?

We’re due for some much needed rainfall in these parts, and the chances are looking better that some rain may fall in the next 72 hours. As is often the case with weather, the timing could be better.

1 sfc loop.gif

NOAA surface loop forecast shows low pressure moving into the Midwest by this weekend.

A low pressure system spinning into the West today will track toward the Midwest by Saturday. The low will track through Iowa and Missouri, but it appears it may slide close enough to sideswipe Minnesota and send a wave or two of rain our way Saturday.

1 qpf.gif

NOAA rainfall forecast hinting at possible rainfall totals of .50″ to 1″ in southern Minnesota Saturday.

The latest model trends indicate a band of rainfall sweeping north out of Iowa Friday evening into southern Minnesota. If trends are correct, there is some indication that the rainfall could slide far enough north to bring some critical rainfall to parts of parched central and northern Minnesota as well.

1 qpf msp.jpg

NOAA Model forecast rain amounts for Saturday for the Twin Cities.

(click for bigger image)

1 NAM 84.gif

WRF forecast model suggesting up to an inch of rainfall for places like Hinckley and Duluth?

The system looks like it may pull out of the area pretty quickly on Sunday with rapidly improving weather conditions during the day.

Stay tuned as this system, and our chances for critical rainfall, evolve over the next 48 hours.


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