Update: NWS raises St. Paul crest forecast again

Hydrologists at the River Forecast Center in the Twin Cities have raised the forecast crest for the Mississippi again. Today’s latest updated raised the expected crest of the Mississippi River in St. Paul next Wednesday to 19.8 feet. That’s an increase of 1.8 feet from Wednesday’s forecast.

1 stp wed.jpg

Latest NWS hydrograph for the Mississippi in St. Paul raises the forecast crest to 19.8 feet next week.

If the river reaches 19.8 feet as forecast, that would be the 7th highest flood of record for the Mississippi in St. Paul.

Historical Crests: Mississippi River at St. Paul

(1) 26.01 ft on 04/16/1965

(2) 24.52 ft on 04/15/1969

(3) 23.76 ft on 04/18/2001

(4) 23.60 ft on 04/30/2001

(5) 22.37 ft on 04/13/1997

(6) 22.02 ft on 04/16/1952

(7) 19.15 ft on 06/26/1993

(8) 18.79 ft on 04/16/1951

(9) 16.68 ft on 06/29/1957

(10) 16.10 ft on 05/16/1986

The surprising rises on the Crow River may be one reasons NWS is boosting the crest at St. Paul. Stay tuned into early next week as we watch to see just how high the mighty Mississippi will go.


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