Flood focus turns toward Twin Cities

The Red River has reached crest at Fargo. So far, so good. Things seem to be holding well and barring a major failure in flood protection. Vigilance is still required on the Red, but it’s looking like Fargo may escape widespread major damage again this year.

The Crow has crested in Delano. The St. Croix is forecast to crest just above flood stage this week in Stillwater, and hopefully will not reach major flood stage.

Now, as all the water from the Crow, Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers converge on the Twin Cities, the flood focus turns to the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers in the Twin Cities area. Here are the latest forecasts for the Minnesota and Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers this week.

1 MS STP.jpg

1 MN savage Sun.jpg

1 MN shak.jpg

1 st croix sun.jpg

The 5 day precipitation outlook still looks good and dry for the Upper Midwest this week.

1 pcp 5 day.gif

Let’s hope things keep going as well as they have so far with the excellent lead time provided by flood forecasters at the Twin Cities NWS, and the great planning and work by local officials who have executed a solid flood protection plan in 2010.


  • Dan Gjelten

    Paul – I have a question which, even with my wonderful research skills, I have not been able to answer. When you say that a river, like the Minnesota, or the St. Croix, is going to crest at 600 or 700 feet, what does that mean? 700 feet over WHAT? or maybe I mean FROM what point? Where is ZERO? Is it the bottom of the river, or the usual “normal” level of the river… Is it over sea level? It has bothered me a little to hear of the Mississippi or the Red River cresting at 20 or 30 feet – I still wonder “over what” but today I see the other rivers cresting at hundreds of feet and now it is driving me crazy! I know the Minnesota River is not 600 feet deep.