Warming trend on the way

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Twin Cities temperature trends heading in the right direction over the next few days for many.

We’ve hit bottom for the winter season, I hope. It’s all uphill from here on temperatures.

This could be our last week with sub-zero lows around parts of the metro, as a nice warming trend kicks in over the next few days.

Though we can, and usually do still get a sub-zero low in early March there are several factors working against temperatures that cold this time of year.

Daylight is getting longer by 3 minutes per day and 21 minutes per week. That leaves less time to chill off at night before the sun is up and warming us again in the morning.

-Increasing sun angles and higher solar energy output modifies Canadian air masses that are pulled southward into Minnesota.

-Snow cover is not as “fresh” and that means less sunlight is reflected away

When meteorologists are stretching to find things to write about this time of year, that’s a good thing for those who enjoy quiet weather in Minnesota. Look for plenty of continued sunshine, and temperatures pushing into the 30s as we head into the upcoming weekend.

Northeast snow machine lingers:

Our quiet tranquil weather would be a welcome change for many in the Northeast this week. A massive, slow moving coastal rain and inland snow storm is pummeling New York and Philadelphia. Some areas will see 10″ to 20″ inches of snow before all is said and done this weekend.

1 ne snow.gif

The storm is nearly stationary in the upper atmosphere, and will loop upon itself this weekend. That will produce prolonged snow in what continues to be the winter of discontent for many in the eastern USA.



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