Classic winter weekend

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Twin Cities NWS weather story highlights what should be a classic winter weekend.

This could be the best weekend of winter in Minnesota.

A mild Pacific air mass is sliding in from the west. Ample sunshine should overcome a little early morning fog to produce a spectacular weekend with temperatures a good 10 to 15 degrees above average. Highs in the 30s should allow for excellent ice fishing, skating or playing in the snow or tailgating.


Our run at 30 degrees Thursday marked the first time the metro has seen 30 since Christmas Day. Friday marks the 5th consecutive day of above average highs around the state.

Our quiet weather pattern will hold right into much of next week. There are signs of a possibly significant rain/ice/snow event next weekend.

It’s interesting to note that our recent stretch of 20 consecutive days below freezing do not come anywhere close to a record. The Twin Cities endured 66 consecutive days and 16 hours below freezing from December 18, 1977 to February 23, 1978. People who are old enough to recall those brutal winters in the late 70’s will never forget that stretch. I recall driving to Chicago for Christmas one year where we had to pour hot water over frozen radiator pipes in the car just to get started, and we dared not stop until we arrived. It was 26 below on that awful morning, and daytime highs were around 10 below for almost a week.

It sure puts our recent “cold spell” in perspective!

Enjoy a great weather weekend.

Go Vikes!


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