Blizzard 2009: Biggest snowstorm in nearly 3 years


NWS snowfall map shows incredible snowfall totals of over 15″ in southeast Minnesota.

We’re on the board with our first big snowstorm of the season. And it’s a whopper.

This week’s storm is making some history. Consider this:

-This was the most snowfall from a single storm at Twin Cities Airport since February 28-March 2, 2007, when 12.3″ of snow was recorded.

-The 7.4″ total at MSP ties as the second highest total for an early December storm on record.

-Snowfall reports as high as 16″ to 17″ were recorded in southeast Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

-Similar totals of 16″ were recorded in Iowa.

1 iowa.jpg

-The sheer size and coverage of this storm was amazing. It produced winds over 100 mph and incredible snowfall totals of over 40″ in the mountain of California and 30″ in Flagstaff, Arizona.

-The intense storms central pressure dropped to 974 millibars (28.76″) in Michigan at 2pm this afternoon. That’s lower than the infamous Edmund Fitzgerald storm of November 1975 which reached 980 millibars at its height. It’s also equivalent to the central pressure of a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale.

Records and comparisons will still flow in over the next few days. At this point it’s already clear that this storm was a history making storm for the Upper Midwest and the United States.


  • This storm was pretty small fry compared with the Edmund Fitzgerald disaster or the Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940 that killed 49 in MInnesota. Check out my Amzon.Com blog for today.

  • ArnePaul

    This is all part of global warming, according to the Al Gore. It’s actually a balmy 87 degrees outside right now, for those who really believe. Once he and his cronies start implementing their crippling carbon taxes on everything you buy and do as well as their poverty inducing programs that require you to retrofit everything you have with “environmentally friendly” versions/adaptations (which they sell, naturally) right after we ship all our industrial jobs overseas, the universe will magically be saved! We wouldn’t be in this predicament if you had learned to recycle your milk cartons and didn’t sometimes forget to turn off your porch light! Shame! Shame!

  • Paul Huttner


    And one individual snowstorm has exactly what to do with climate change?

    I think you’re comment speaks for itself. All bluster and fear and not one part science. Some just don’t believe in science, and you’re clearly in that group.

    You don’t seem to understand what is widely and credibly documented about climate in the past and present, but clearly you are “all knowing” when it comes to the future. Maybe you should try a weather forecast sometime.


  • ArnePaul

    Well Mr. Huttner, you obviously haven’t much clue about the dubious science behind global warming, other than believing the voodoo science that is predominately become a touchy partisan issue: my political heroes/ideology follow it so it must be true. (If you did a little research other than celebrity worship of those behind the big push for global warming you’d find most have a financial investment in the “green” alternatives. Always follow the money when it comes to politics on ALL sides. Partisanship is a joke politicians play on the gullible public. I guess many like you still like to believe they are “good guys” and “bad guys” and look for a simplistic way to divide them.)

    Pay attention closely, I’ll put it in a simple form so you can comprehend: the basic premise of the ‘man made global warming” is caused by man’s CO2 production. Got it? Only the vast majority of scientists who study weather don’t agree with the politically and financially led global warming “specialists” and say CO2 has never caused climate change, why is it suddenly magically so now? For anyone who has studied advance chemistry and meteorology, they will know that “proof” of CO2 effecting long term climate change has only been of recent very shaky and dubious and refuted by non-partisan based scientists. Of course this is not politically correct so it isn’t covered in the media. I mean, surely man is SO important that we’re changing the earth’s temperature, right? Maybe you should rely on the spokesman himself, Al Gore, the man “who invented the internet” and whose grasp of basic science is wildly inaccurate. His recent quote was that the earth’s core temperature is “millions and millions of degrees”. Wrong, Al, any high school kid who payed attention in science class knows it’s actually 5,000-7,000 degrees. Al also neglects to mention that Jupiter and Saturn have appreciable temperature changes but I guess there’s no explanation for that unless it undermines his seat-of-the-pants science.

    Paul, before you shoot your mouth off about things you obviously have no clue, take a lesson along with the “genius” of the warming movement Al “foot in the mouth” Gore and do a little real research before you speak.

  • Joe

    @ ArnePaul After taking PH to task about not having the facts, your post is full of opinion but light on citations. “Vast majority of scientists who study weather don’t agree…” Cite your sources.

    As for the “shaky and dubious” work on climate change that “isn’t covered in the media” — how is it you were privy to this work? Wait, let me guess–Rush, Beck, someone else similarly non-partisan? 🙂

    I know I’m going to regret commenting about a zealot’s post, but really, your comments about Gore are pretty telling. It seems you’re mainly interested in grinding an axe against what you consider the liberal enemy rather than being open to the science involved. I don’t think there’s much debate possible about the rising temperatures over the last century. We CAN talk about the possible causes. But for me, as someone trained in more than grade school science, as always Occam’s Razor slices best. The simplest explanation is the corresponding increase in atmospheric carbon. I grew up in an industrial area near refineries and chemical plants–I have no trouble believing that our behavior over the last century can have significant consequences to the global environment! However, I’m open to more data and understanding and I believe in science as a self correcting process.

    Oh, and although you said that the connection between CO2 and warming was made recently you might want to check out who it was who is credited with creating the concept of “Greenhouse Effect” and when that happened. (Hint: It predates Gore by more than a century–so please don’t blame conspiratorial liberals for that).

  • Bob P.

    You only need to know 1 Fact folks, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!” Obama is the Problem Morons, Wake Up Please. He’s a SOCIALIST(he’s been a student of Marxism and if you can’t see that, well, there’s little help for ya all) with Totalitarian Tendencies (similar to Mussolini but ole Muss was much more intelligent (Obama barely speaks with his teleprompter; without it, he’s a very insecure, inadequate, and sorry to say Ignorant Man (won’t give up his transcripts because he fluncked Economics and Mathematics, and yes it’s a Fact; only got into Harvard due to Affirmative Action and the help of his White Grandma), RACIST(he and his minister blame Whitey for everything), SPOILED IMMATURE CHILD (he’s never been told no his whole life and when someone critisizes him, he gives the evil eye), HALF-WHITE ( remember folks, the NAACP originally said no to his Presiency Run and called him not Black enough, CHICAGO GANGSTER (he’s a student of Chicago Politics), and there’s much more. Will try to ruin this Country, Cause Complete Chaos to Create a Crisis so they can Make it all into an Opportunity for them All.

    We Will Not Let him make the USA into a Banana republic!

    Liberals, if it’s Possible at All, Pull Your Sorry Heads Out of Your Ignorant Asses and Wake the hell Up. There’s No Transparency and after the Obama Heath Scam is passed 20 million folks still won’t have Health Care and for the rest you will be Tax out yer ass.

    So, How do ya All like That HOPE & CHANGE Liberals. Once Again, Thanks for the Mess and by the Way; the Democrats stood in the Way of Slavery; stood in the way of Civil Rights, and much more!


  • bOB p

    Almost forgot, “What’s the #1 Greenhouse gas?” Yes, that’s right, it’s Water Vapor Morons. Hold on, I need to Breathe in some Oxygen, and yes let me breathe out that Horrible Greenhouse Gas that’s gonna Kill Us All, Carbon Dioxide. Ya know, the stuff Plants Take in, and the Release Oxygen so us Humans can Breathe and Survive!


  • ArnePaul

    Well Joe, it seems you’re reading a political bent into my discussion that simply is not there. FYI, I’m no fan of EITHER side of the political aisle. With rare exceptions, the vast bulk of politicians are liars who take a stance or change positions whenever it’s advantageous to them for reasons of money, power and that commodity that brings more of both: prestige. The rare exceptions, left and right who are honest and sincere are ignored, seen as kooks and become insignificant and almost never make it to any position of real power. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington exists but he is ignored and they don’t make movies about him with a happy ending that changes a corrupt system. The last President who started going against the powers that be was assassinated under extremely dubious circumstances over thirty five years ago. Read about JFK’s last year or so in office and you can pick any or all of a number of powerful corrupt suspects who could have answered some disturbing questions as to his death. All political “partisanship” since then has been largely been a joke: they’re all part of the same corporate and military industrially driven system. They may be in bed with different parties but the end result is essentially the same: lots of straw dog issues used to distract the public as they take turns looting the till. Whatever happened to the so-called left’s promise to pull out of an illegal and immoral war? Oh, that’s right, increase the troops and justify the war just as much their predecessors did. They’re just as much entrenched and beholden to the Military Industrial Congressional Complex as the right. Where are all the antiwar protesters now?

    I think your seeming distaste and distrust of the right wing needs to also be critically used for those you seem to feel the need to defend. The left have their cons, one of the big ones is global warming now, which will lead to an enormous expansion of governmental powers, taxes and financial hardships on the lower and middle classes, including the outsourcing of industrial jobs. Read their proposals if you want to be informed as to their intent. As far as the right wing, I see the bulk of them as largely profiteers and zealots who want to impose religious doctrine on everyone else. The left wants you to worship government, the right wants you to worship their religious beliefs.

    As for the high school science example I used, if you had read and understood my statement it showed that the mouthpiece, Al Gore, for the global warming movement doesn’t even have a grasp of that simple science. How is he an expert on anything remotely more complex? Perhaps you were to blinded by your defense of him to notice how big his clay feet are and that his knowledge and therefor his motives are dubious at best.

    Congressman Ron Paul, TX has a list of some 40,000 respected scientists from around the globe who don’t believe in man-made global warming. But since it’s not on the corporate or political agenda of the general media the general public has no clue to the serious, long standing disagreement as to global warming.

    Also, Joe, if you held Mr. Huttner or even yourself to the same standard you expect from me, before you made any statements of fact you claim to hold you and he would quote sources and citations accordingly other than a vague soundbite you’re heard on TV or some other lowest common denominator oriented source. But perhaps you, like too many others are caught up in the meaningless partisan bickering that allows one big corrupt party to take turns at the trough gorging on the fruits, labor and constitution of the American people as they secretly laugh at the foolish public.

  • Bob P.

    Hey Arne Paul…Grow Up Dude and assume some responsibilty. It’s you Knuckleheads that put this Moron in the White House. Thanks to people like you, there is mass genocide in Africa. You’re the Ones that think you’re better than the Right or the Left. pesticides were wiped out in Africa, causing mass Starvation amonst Africans. It’s Morons like you Mr. Arne Paul that have contributed Absolutely Nothing to Mankind. Until you put down the Bong, Grow Up, and Assume Some Responsibility for yer Actions, yer just another Clueless and Legend In Your own Mind Knucklehead!

  • ArnePaul

    Bob P. seems to be late for his medication.

  • Bob P.

    Ahhhh, I knew ole Mr. Arne Paul wasn’t Academia. You proved my Point Liberal Boy! Bye, Bye!

  • Paul Huttner

    Okay Boys:

    This has gotten way off topic. This is a weather and occasionally climate blog, not a political blog so let’s keep it there okay?

    If you have science to talk about that’s what my listeners are looking for.There are plenty of political blogs out there, this is not one of them.

    Also, I would like to keep the discussion civil, so let’s dispense with the personal attacks.

    I appreciate your readership, but don’t make me come over there and shut off the comment switch! 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend.



  • Jenn

    i love how this got political in like 0.2 seconds. (since we’re being “technical” here, that was sarcasm, not actual time)

    my weatherman says we got about 20 inches in annapolis. i’m pretty sure its closer to 24-26. but then again i’m judging from the back porch…