Arctic Air Returns


Twin Cities NWS weather story highlights sub-zero air mass.

Get ready for what could be the coldest morning of the winter so far.

You’ve heard that before and you’ll probably hear it again this winter. A fresh shot of arctic air is oozing south from Canada. This may not be the barbaric blast you remember from the 1970s, but It will get you attention.

Temperatures should plunge to -20 or colder in the far north Tuesday morning. Twin Cities’ residents will have to settle for -7 or so. That would be the coldest temperature so far this winter season. We hit -5 earlier in December. This is good news if you’re waiting for the ice to thicken up on your favorite lake. Only a Minnesotan (and other residents of the Upper Midwest) would see that as a silver lining.

Wind chill advisories are posted for nearly all of Minnesota until 11am Tuesday.

There some good news if you’d like it a bit milder. Temperatures should return to near average levels Wednesday as southerly winds return.


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