Gale force winds pound the North Shore

DLH webcam.jpg

Lake Superior Marine Museum Association webcam shows huge waves pounding Duluth as visitors look on.

Gale Warnings are flying until 10 am Saturday along Lake Superior’s the North Shore. Sustained winds of 44mph with gusts over 50mph are occurring at Sky Harbor Airport near Lake Superior in Duluth. Waves of 10-14 feet are slamming the shoreline.

The gales are caused by a strong pressure difference between low pressure over southeast Minnesota and high pressure in Canada.

DLH netcam.jpg

Solglimt B & B webcam captures the pounding surf.

Check out some of the webcams from around Lake Superior today.


  • Since the lake levels are nearly back to normal, the effects of the waves on the beach here in Duluth are also back to normal. This storm wasn’t any bigger than anything we’ve had in the last 3-4 years, but the damage was greater in terms of cutting back the dunes (and ripping out our sand fencing).

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