Take it from the experts

At the MPR severe weather forum last evening it was made clear that NOAA weather radio, the national network for all hazard emergency broadcasts, is a must for each household.

Today only, during the MPR pledge drive, you have a great opportunity to become a member and receive a weather radio as a thank you gift.

Twenty-four hour a day weather information direct from your local National Weather Service, with a severe weather alert, will help keep you safe from approaching dangerous storms.

More on NOAA Weather Radio

  • Dave A


    Thanks for a very enjoyable forum last night. Let’s hope there are lots of listeners to the replay today so these important messages get out.

    I have the Etón FR-150 weather radio from a previous pledge drive and would highly recommend it as a compact and very versatile device. It will even re-charge my cell phone which is something I’ve never seen in a radio of any kind.