Sun Season

Memorial weekend is the traditional unofficial start of summer season. The National Weather Service considers, for climate keeping purposes, the summer season to be the months of June through August.

I recall my first Memorial Day in the Twin Cities in 1992 having moved up from Indianapolis in December of 1991. The high temperature on May 25th, as the new neighbors and I were trying to golf, was only 49 degrees, the following morning there was a record low of 34 degrees.

Historical data for Twin Cities Memorial Day weather

This may come a little too late if you immersed yourself in sushine Satuday and Sunday. But the EPA has a very nice website to monitor the UV index forecast. You can put in your zip code and get the UV Index for your city or put in a city’s name that you might be visiting.

Note on the website that you can infer were the clouds and rain may dominate, hint – UVI of less than five.

Clouds will hold down tempeatures over the state on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Unfortunately I am not too hopeful of generous rains in the Cities, but soaking rains are likely in the next twenty-four hours in the Red River Valley.


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