Ice out time

MN vis.jpg

1km resolution GOES visible satellite image shows ice still locked in on the big lakes in northern Minnesota. Note the snow cover still visible in the Red River Valley watershed south and east of Fargo.

It’s that time of year again.

You can feel the warm sun climbing higher each day into the sky warming our air masses daily. On the lakes that higher sun angle plays a critical role in the ice out process.

Most of the lakes in the southern third of Minnesota are now ice free. Calhoun and Medicine Lakes in Hennepin County here in the metro went out Wednesday. Our metro bellwether lakes Minnetonka and White Bear will be ice free in the coming days.

The ice out process is an interesting one. It’s great to watch the final break up as a billion diamonds of ice can sparkle near shore on sunny days like today.

Enjoy our first prolonged taste of spring as we head into the Easter weekend.


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