Something to watch for


Here is an example of what is known as a dry slot associated with large scale cyclones. This water vapor satellite image is from a storm in February.

As the upper level jet stream races overhead, we see heavy snow to the north of the jet and thunderstorms to the south of the jet. The dry slot, shown as the reddish region, cuts off the deep moisture, limiting the amount of precipitation.

We will try and nail down the details of this storm coming out of eastern Colorado tonight and Tuesday. Meanwhile, we watch and wait.


  • Dave

    Are you saying we should be concerned about the dry slot because it means we won’t get needed precipitation, or because it might trigger severe storms?

  • craig

    The concern/issue is that the snow amounts may be reduced in the metro as the dry slot cuts off moisture here. Heavy snow to our west. Heavy rain and thunderstorms to our south and east. As you know we have had only average precipitation this year, coming off a seven inch deficit in east central Minnesota in 2008.