Casting Redoubt on the Groundhog


Fumaroles smolder at the 7,000 foot level on Alaska’s Redoubt Volcano over the weekend. Photo by Christina Neal, Alaska Volcano Observatory, USGS.

Eyes are still watching Alaska’s Redoubt Volcano this week. The sleeping giant has been shaking and showing signs of a possible eruption since Friday. It remains to be seen if a full eruption will occur, but seismic activity is still well above background levels.

Closer to home, Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow today. His forecast is for 6 more weeks of winter. That may be good news for the winter weary since his historical accuracy is only about 39%. The weather maps are looking favorable for another thaw in these parts later this week. We may hit 40 again, and this one could last a few days.

It’s tough to stay cold all winter. After arctic air has been drained from the Polar Regions, it takes time for more sub zero air to build, and move south. We’ll dip below zero again this winter, but we may have seen the last of the sub-zero daytime highs. The weather maps look favorable for a more normal winter temperature regime, punctuated by brief cold spells and periodic thaws.


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