Strong winds in east central Minnesota

While our neighbors in the eastern Dakotas are dealing with snow and winds to 50 mph this evening, creating blizzard conditions, the Twin Cities remain on the relatively warm side of this strong weather system.

Between 11am and noon a surge of a frontal boundary with cooler and drier air brought a non-thunderstorm squall line through the metro area. From Stanton to St. Paul winds gusted from 50 to 60 mph. Some trees were reported uprooted in the Richfield area.

NWS Chanhassen report on the strong winds in the metro area around the lunch hour

We will experience a change-over from rain to snow from southwest to east central Minnesota during the next 18 hours.


  • Brian

    Yay – snow is finally here! For how long is still to be determined, but it is much better than the brown trees out there…