Business picks-up

As the daylight waves and average temperatures are on the down swing, this is the time of year when phone calls increased to the Weather Service Office. Most of the inquiries focused on timing of dry weather and mild temperatures to complete outdoor projects that had been put off through September.

It was clear that many folks use the Columbus Day Holiday period to close up the cabin and haul the dock out of the water for the season. Some were trying to find a window to put down some drive-way seal coat. Others needed a longer period of dry conditions to apply paint on the house or deck. A small number were probing for an excuse to delay the project until next spring.

Wednesday looks to be the best day of the week, statewide, with afternoon highs in the 60s. By Thursday afternoon showers could be encroaching on west central Minnesota with a few more clouds in the east.

Brisk southeast winds today will temper the mild thermometer readings of near 70 in the Twin Cities. Scattered showers and thundershowers are just enough of a threat to delay applying a coat of paint.


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