Not totally skunked

Mother Nature continues to toy with rainfall in the general Twin Cities area. It has been a month since the last good rain has soaked the east central section of Minnesota, when four tenths of an inch was measured at the International Airport.

During the past twenty-four hours generous to excessive amounts of rain drenched Wahpeton/Breckenridge on the South Dakota/Minnesota border. Radar and ground reports validate between four to five inches of rain accumulated. The observer in Breckenridge checked in 4.30 inches of rain ending at 7am.

Here in the Twin Cities overnight rainfall was sparse. Automated observing equipment identified the meager moisture as a mere drizzle. Pavement shaded by trees remained dry.

As I peer out the windows of the weather lab I’m seeing stress in some of the trees. Might not be a bad idea to give them a soaking of water if we miss out on the much needed rain today. Use good water conservation strategy as endorsed by your city’s watering policy.


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