Peak of summer

This is it. The peak of summer in Minnesota.

This is on average our warmest week of the year in Minnesota. Our average high in the metro hits 84 degrees and stays there all week. The ease off in average temperatures is barley perceptible though over the next month. Our average high temperature in the metro remains at or above 80 degrees through August 20th. We all know State Fair time can deliver some 90 degree days too.

Our Minnesota lakes usually reach peak seasonal water temperatures over the next 3 weeks. I measured a comfy 78 degrees in Lake Minnetonka near the Weather Lab this past weekend.

Before we get too panicked or nostalgic that summer is slipping away, remember these warm facts.

-There are 6 weeks of “meteorological summer” and “school summer” left.

-There are about 8 weeks left in what I would call “lake summer.” That is to say the lakes (especially in southern MN) are usually warm enough for swimming and water sports until mid-September.

-The next 3 months, from Mid-July to mid-October, can easily be considered the best weather of the year in Minnesota. We see a high percentage of possible sunshine (nearly 70%) during the next 3 months.

Twin Cities normals, means, and extremes

People I have spoken with in the Twin Cities are generally happy with the summer weather so far. We are running about 2 degrees above average in the metro this month. This is the first month since last November that we have felt temps significantly above average. It’s been warm enough for the usual summer activities, but we’ve only seen 5 days of 90 degrees or higher so the air conditioners have been given a rest as we’ve saved money on cooling.

Tell that to the people of the North Shore. Duluth has not reached 90 yet this summer, and has seen only 9 days of 80 or higher, but 11 days with highs in the 60’s! July in Duluth is running 1.4 degrees below average.

Duluth climate data

Enjoy the rest of summer and savor the fine weather we expect over the next 8 to 12 weeks!


  • Yup, it’s been a cool, wet summer here in Duluth. The fog has been thick, even in July, which tells me the lake hasn’t warmed up like it normally has.

  • Chris B. Critter

    Andrew, I can’t argue with that except for the Fourth of July when my family and I went up from the Cities for Fourth Fest there. It was probably the best day weatherwise I’ve ever spent in Duluth, not to mention by the lakeshore. Yes, I did bring a jacket as per the conventional wisdom, but I didn’t need it.