Getting crispy

Drought monitor.jpg

If your lawn is starting to look a bit like Shredded Wheat, you’re not alone. Actually I like Shredded Wheat, but in my cereal bowl and not on my lawn.

We are sliding back toward drought in much of Minnesota these days. 41% of our state is now listed as “abnormally dry.” That’s the next step on the way to drought.

Mn drought monitor

We could use a nice strong warm front to set up in southern Minnesota and deliver a few days with rounds of showers and storms. This is usually our best bet for getting widespread rain in summer. Unfortunately I don’t see this scenario setting up just yet.

We’ve been dry 19 of the 24 days in July so far in the Twin Cities. We’re running nearly 3 inches (2.74″) below average in the Twin Cities since June 1st.

Twin Cities climate data

Here’s hoping a warm front slides north in the next two weeks.


  • Chris B. Critter

    The thing that’s save us (so far) from being in a worse situation is the lack of heat. We’ve only had 11 days with highs above 85, and only a handful above 90.

    This week should change that, but I hope we get some rainfall or MCSs (like the one we’re supposed to get tonight) to keep my lawn green.

    I have a sprinkler system, and I’ve been using it when it needs it to give a good soaking. I used to laugh, but now I sigh and shake my head when I see my neighbors watering every other day. Just because you can water every other day doesn’t mean you have to.

    But that’s just my opionion; your mileage may vary.