Room temperature

It’s felt so cool and wet this month that I was a little surprised to see during a routine climate check that we’re running very close to average in the Twin Cities for June.

The Twin Cities average June temperature through the 18th is 66.3 degrees. That’s within a degree (-0.7) of average. That means you’re almost energy neutral when it comes to heating or cooling your home.

Heating and cooling “degree days” are the units we use to calculate energy usage in our homes. They are calculated from an average daily temperature base of 65 degrees. If the average temperature is warmer, you have cooling degree days. If it’s colder, it’s heating degree days.

Degree days from NOAA’s CPC

With an average monthly temperature of 66.3 degrees, we are saving nicely on heating and cooling as our thermostats sit idle. So far this month we’ve had only 11 heating degree day and 40 cooling degree day units.

Rainfall is also at normal this month with 2.5″ so far.

If we keep this up, we just might start getting spoiled by those low energy bills!


  • Cindy Schaufenbuel

    Just got my monthly bill from CenterPoint Energy: $2.01!