Flood battle rages on


They’re calling it a 500 year flood.

Hydrologists who measure such things won’t have a final answer of the likelihood of recurrence for a while yet, but some rivers in Iowa and sections of the Mississippi have never seen water this high in recorded history.

Flood records from 1993 have been blown away, some areas like Cedar Rapids have seen water 10 FEET over the 1993 records.

You can track the flood progress on the Mississippi below.

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

And hear comprehensive coverage on water levels, crop prices and the disaster at the University of Iowa on our Jet Streaming show this week.

Jet Streaming podcast

The good news is, warm and dry are the weather words for the next two weeks in the Midwest. The weather maps have finally agreed with the calendar that summer is here.

See you at the beach!


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