Phone your friends in Omaha

The Storm Prediction Center, based on short term weather analysis and forecast models has determined that is a High risk of severe weather, including destructive tornadoes, that encompasses an area from Sioux Falls to Omaha. This has all the ingredients for a particularly dangerous situation.

Dew points were already climbing into the sixties in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. This juiced up air mass is likely to explode into potent thunderstorms later today. While tornado chasers may have a field day, citizens need to be on guard for nasty, live-threatening storms.

Some of the strong storms may find their way into southern Minnesota. So stay tuned through the afternoon and evening for what could be an historical weather day.

Storm Prediction Center

Looking back to Sunday, the Storm Prediction Center issued a Tornado Watch with the caption….a Particularly Dangerous Situation some two to three hours prior to the EF 3 tornado in the north metro. This Watch also gave plenty of heads-up for the EF 5 tornado in Parkersburg, Iowa.

Lives have been saved by citizens paying attention and seeking shelter during severe weather. Keep your NOAA Weather Radio handy.

NOAA Weather Radio Information


  • Chris B. Critter

    But I don’t have any friends in Omaha!

    Well, not since … the *incident*….

    Well, good luck to everyone there today.

    OTOH, a “high risk” can be a kiss of death (so to speak) for tornadoes. Widespread penny-sized hail or a long-lived squall line with 60 mi/hr winds verifies a high risk, does it not?

  • Nathan Paine

    The weather forecast for Minneapolis is wrong. The Southern Metro area won’t get any rain.

  • Chris B. Critter

    Hey, Nathan, check your lawn lately?