Enough, really!

This is becoming the springtime of our discontent.

Another late season winter weather system is winding up through west central and northern Minnesota. As of this report, moderate to in some cases heavy snow is falling from near Sioux Falls, Huron, and Aberdeen, SD into Ortonville, Alexandria, and Little Falls, MN.

The Minnesota surface map below clearly shows the swirling wind barbs around the center of low pressure in eastern MN. Track the center as it moves through northern Wisconsin tonight.

Latest hourly surace map

Winter storm warnings are flying again in much of western and northern Minnesota. Another 6″ to 12″ swath of heavy wet springtime snow will fall between now and noon Saturday.

Latest winter weather warnings

Here in the metro, we should see our chilly rain transition to wet snowflakes after dark to around midnight. We may see an inch or so of slushy snow on the grass by morning.

Storm updates with rain and snowfall totals

Only in Minnesota do you get 76 degrees, an inch of rain, severe thunderstorm warnings, and a possible foot of snow in 24 hours.

Welcome to the Super Bowl of weather.


  • Evelyn

    I’ve lived all my life (almost 50 years) but one year in Minnesota, but I don’t remember ever having a snowstorm this late in April. When was the last time we had a winter storm of this magnitude this late in spring?

    Thanks for your great forecasting and reporting!