Lake Wobegon forecast

It’s a Lake Wobegon forecast today. Above average. Like the children of Lake Wobegon, our weather has finally taken its annual turn for the better.

It’s nice to be talking about warmer weather. Several meteorological factors are coming together today to make for a beautiful day.

1) Starting out above freezing. It’s 34 at 7 am this morning in the metro. If we stay above freezing, it will be the first time since November 16th that the overnight minimum temperature has stayed above 32. That’s nearly 4 months!

2) 100% of possible sunshine. A cloud free sky today should squeeze out every drop of sun. Some of it will melt snow, some will warm the air. The snow free areas near the Minnesota River Valley should top 50 again today.

3) Higher sun angle. Today’s sun is at about 45 degrees above the southern horizon at solar noon. (1pm CDT) That’s as high and strong as in late September.

4) A light west wind. We will be advecting air from the snow free areas of western Minnesota and the Dakotas today. That will help warm our temps, instead of a cooling south or east wind that must travel over snow cover.

So if everything works out right, we should soar well into the mid and upper 40’s today in the metro. Look for a weird warbrobe mix seen only in Minnesota in spring. Long pants and t-shirts. Shorts and a sweatshirt. Maybe even no shirt as winter weary Minnesotans attempt to ward off a winter of jackets and hats.

Enjoy the taste of spring!


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