Warming trend

We’re climbing slowly out of the deep freeze as we head into this weekend.

From -11 Wednesday morning, we’ll climb into the mid 30’s by Sunday afternoon. Most areas will be about 45 degrees warmer by Sunday than we were on Wednesday morning.

It will be interesting to see how warm parts of Minnesota are able to get this weekend. We’re now getting more than twice as much solar energy at this latitude as we did back in late December. That extra solar energy will warm the ground much more than it could have a month or two ago.

Also, surface winds will be light from the west and southwest. We will be getting advection (horizontal transport of air) from areas which have little or no snow on the ground such as western Minnesota and South Dakota. The result, we may “thread the needle” and bring in a plume of much warmer air. I expect temperatures in South Dakota will push 50 degrees, and I think western Minnesota will be in the 40’s Sunday afternoon.

The next system will bring a rain snow mix to southern Minnesota and all snow north of the metro on Monday.

Enjoy the warm up!


  • Stephen

    OK Paul, I’ve really gone out on a limb with a radio comment you made last week and now it’s not looking like the jet stream is going to bring us a good warm up the first week of March. As the cold continued last week and everyone I ran into was commenting on the long Minnesota winter, I countered with “Oh, but there’s a change a coming, the first week of March will provide a big warm up for us”. So, now I’ll have to avoid my regular coffee shop and corner market until the middle of March and hope my predictions are forgotten. I know, it’s the weather, a butterfly in Peking flapped its wings and now there’s no warm up for Minnesota. You’re my favorite weather person, my wife and I love your sense of seasons and your appreciation for each season’s unique imprint on life in Minnesota.

  • Paul Huttner

    Thanks for the nice comments and hang in there Stephen!

    I think the day I said that we had a low of -11 and a high of just 5 above, so I was making the point that we would have a nice rebound by the beginning of March.

    To open March this weekend we are looking at highs in the upper 30’s to near 40. So a nearly 40 degree warm up is something you can take to the coffee shop with pride, right? I got your back.

    It looks like we will dip again a bit later next week, but it is interesting to see how the stronger March sun is now able to modify these air masses as they drain south out of Canada.

    If we don’t see a milder weekend to open March, I’ll be happy to buy you a latte!