Wind chill chatter

Yes, it’s Minnesota. Yeah, it gets this cold here. And, yeah we’re tough.

But your skin doesn’t care what you attitude is when it comes to freezing in -40 wind chill.

Here are some reminders about wind chill and how quickly your skin can freeze this weekend.

Wind chill chart, calculator and explanation

Wind chill FAQ’s

Current and forecast conditions for Minnesota and Wisconsin

Put another log on the fire, cocoon, and stay warm!


  • 1) It’s amazing that the old windchill chart was considered acceptable even though the rate of cooling increases after 50mph. What were they thinking?

    2) The FAQ talks about warming the core vs the extremities. Seems very reasonable. But I’d like a little more information on just how to do that. A hot water bottle on the chest? A blanket around the middle? In that the core implies inside, to a certain degree, it is not completely clear to me if wrapping a person’s middle with a blanket would not still be considered warming the exterior – a no-no.