The cast behind the curtain

In almost all instances, when folks learned I was a meteorologist, I was asked, what station are you on? They were a bit deflated when I explained I worked under the radar as a National Weather Service meteorologist. Since retiring from the National Weather Service, I am pleased now to be able to say I’m part of the weather team for MPR.

There is a great cast of characters working for you behind the scene to deliver forecast and warnings around the clock.

This weekend, as part of the Federal Executive Board of Minnesota’s Government on Display Expo, NOAA will host an exhibit to educate visitors to the Mall of America on an array of weather technology and science.

Come meet the hard working people dedicated to providing weather, water and climate information. I’ll be there from 5:30PM to 8:00PM on Saturday.

Many other agencies will be hosting exhibits as well.

Government on display


  • Chris B. Critter

    I got the more generic question, “So, are you going to be on TV?” when I told people back home back then I wanted to be in weather. To them (and this is way before before the Web), that’s all there was as far as they knew. That, and, well, let’s just say I have a face for radio and leave it there.

    For some reason, they were always a little disappointed when I said, “no.” I wonder if they thought, even for a few seconds, how cool it would be to know someone who worked on TV, and especially the local news. But my path went elsewhere, and I’m quite happy with that.

  • Craig Edwards

    When I was nearing retirement I pondered TV weather. Not to my surprise, station management focuses on youthfulness, which includes having hair. Government meteorologists get face time on TV during a weather crisis or drama, of which I had my share over 34 years in NOAA.