Teetering on disaster

Weather headlines are being made from the southern Plains to the Great Lakes today, while the upper Midwest enjoys a day that is seasonal. Kansas City was teetering on the brink of disaster as more than an inch and half of moisture fell with the temperature holding very close to the thawing point this afternoon.

Amazing how a single degree can tip the scale from treachery to a major calamity. The mercury climbed to 33 degrees late this morning and has been hovering there into the afternoon. A cold rain will continue into the darkness when the temperature will once again fall below freezing.

A close friend was doing business in Topeka and phoned me last evening about the chances of flying out of Kansas City back to Minneapolis today. His originally scheduled departure was canceled and he is rolling the dice with hopes of becoming airborne this evening.

It’s that time of year when frantic schedules can be seriously disrupted by acts of nature. Unfortunately, when frustration takes over it’s hard to accept that in some cases nature has the final word.


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