Real deal

After experiencing one of the driest Novembers on record in central Minnesota, we’ll make up some of the deficit quickly in the next 48 hours. Precipitation amounts since Oct. 19 have been less than one-tenth of an inch from Alexandria to St. Cloud to the Twin Cities. According to the State Climate Office, this places November of 2007 in the top five driest.

If you have shopping on your to-do list for Saturday, you’ll want to take advantage of the Early Bird Specials and find yourself safely back home around lunch time. Yes, indeed, the well-advertised snow and sleet will play havoc with travel from noon Saturday to daybreak on Sunday.

The latest computer models suggest just enough warmer air at 5,000 feet will cause the snow to mix with sleet in the Twin Cities on Saturday night. This will cut down on the snow accumulation, but still leave roadways treacherous in spots. Traveling on I-94 in the afternoon will be a slow go at best.

Take a survey of your snow-free yard today; you may not see it again anytime soon.

Heavy snowfall probabilities


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