Happy Halloween

October has been a little scary.

We started the month warm and wet, with three days in the 80s from the 5th through the 7th — and 17 of the first 21 days featured rain. Then Jekyll turned to Hyde, and we’ve seen a dry stretch for the past 11 days.

All said and done we’ve been about 5 degrees warmer than average this month. It’s our 8th consecutive month above average in the Twin Cities.

Twin Cities Monthly Climate Summary

It was a lot scarier 16 years ago today. The Halloween megastorm wound up and pounded Minnesota with the biggest single snow event in our state’s history. The storm dumped 28.4 inches on the Twin Cities, and 36.9 inches in Duluth. Here are some resources so you can revisit the storm, if you dare.

Halloween Mega Storm Records

Wiki Halloween Mega Storm Summary

I was working at WCCO-TV during the Halloween megastorm. We were on the air for hours as the whole city was shut down. It was one of the most amazing days of my life and career. Where were you? Please post your Halloween blizzard stories below.


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