Two weather systems have been affecting Minnesota. The one in the south brought widespread rain to much of southern Minnesota on Thursday night and Friday. It extended north into the southern counties of the metro area before receding back to the south and then trying to exit eastbound. My rain gauge in Minneapolis stayed dry. National Weather Service radar is tracking the storms as they head into Wisconsin.

Up north, strong thunderstorms with occasional hail raced across the border counties near Canada.

In between, the middle of the state has enjoyed warm, smoky sunshine.

The skies over southern and far northern Minnesota have been active today. NOAA/College of DuPage

A few more strong to severe thunderstorms are likely to develop going into the evening over northern Minnesota. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a marginal risk area for that region.

Any severe storms in northern Minnesota this evening should be isolated. Storm Prediction Center

The weekend looks quite lovely, although temperatures and dew points will be climbing. In fact, the whole upcoming week looks toasty and rather muggy. Chances of rain appear to be slim.

Saturday should be a sunny, but somewhat smoky, day across Minnesota. Storm Prediction Center

The fire weather situation in the Northwest is likely to deteriorate on Saturday. Sustained winds east of the Cascades are forecast to pick up to 20 to 35 mph with some gusts to 50 mph in the afternoon. The Storm Prediction Center has declared a critical risk area for eastern Washington into Idaho.

Fire weather outlook for Saturday. Eastern Washington will be especially at risk.

In the tropics

Tropical Storm Erika is crossing the island of Hispaniola, shared between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, with heavy rain today.

Tropical Storm Erika is advancing across Hispaniola. NOAA/National Hurricane Center

The forecast track for Erika continues to shift farther westward. The next target after Haiti will be Cuba. Spinning over the land of Hispaniola and Cuba is likely to weaken the storm’s winds. The Florida Keys might be in the bullseye Sunday afternoon, but by then the storm is forecast to be just a tropical depression, but still with heavy rain. Future forecasts will have to be monitored as tropical storm intensity is notoriously difficult to forecast.

Tropical Storm Erika is crossing Hispaniola on its way toward Cuba. National Hurricane Center

Meanwhile, out in the central Pacific Ocean, Hurricane Ignacio, sporting maximum sustained winds of 90 mph, is preparing to sideswipe the Hawaiian Islands.

Hurricane Ignacio is likely to pass near the Big Island on Monday. NOAA/Central Pacific Hurricane Center