How about those Vikings?

Yes we are living in a weather sauna these days. Our latest tropical warm front has brought storms, and a tropically humid air mass with dew points pushing into the low 70s.

Thankfully a partially busted forecast for clouds limited temps in the metro Thursday afternoon, even as 90 degree heat and stifling 70s dew points made towns like Worthington and St. James feel like the steam room at Lifetime Fitness.


Thankfully it’s not everyday we see tropical dew points like this in Minnesota.

Fab Friday?

Right now the weather pick of the weekend has to be Friday. (Friday is the new Saturday right?) A weak push of slightly drier air should allow some sunshine into Minnesota, and temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s will make for a warm summer day. The next low swings in by Saturday, and another wave of showers and thunderstorms should rumble through.


Here’s the long range view. Our steamy air mass linger this weekend. Sunday may be the hottest of the bunch, almost unbearable.

A fresh breeze brings a much drier air mass — and a taste of September next week. Preview of coming attractions?


Tracking Cristobal?

Hurricane Hunters flew into what could become Tropical Storm Cristobal Thursday. Overall the models have trended right with potential storm tracks Thursday. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration still gives the system a 70 percent chance of becoming Cristobal.