“A Minneapolis City Council panel on Tuesday approved changes to regulations governing ride-share services like UberX and Lyft,” writes MPR News reporter Peter Cox. New language would add city oversight to the fast-growing but largely unregulated ride-sharing industry. The panel also voted to ease city rules on taxis. The proposed changes will go to the Read more

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment protected the right of corporations and unions to spend money on political speech. That decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, didn’t affect how much money organizations could donate to political campaigns — but it removed limits on how much they could spend themselves. In Read more

As Mark Steil’s story today pointed out, nitrates in Minnesota’s groundwater is of increasing concern. The causes can be complex but for years, farm fertilizer has been considered a prime component in the contamination, resulting as excess nutrients leach down into shallow aquifers. At any rate, residents and municipalities are spending big money to deal Read more

“Last year’s mayoral race in Minneapolis included 35 candidates, ranging from a member of the Pirate Party to a (separate) candidate who ran under the name Captain Jack Sparrow. The crowded race spurred MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow to describe the city’s election as ‘crazy pants.’” writes MPR News reporter Jon Collins. The threshold to run Read more

“For the first time, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a for-profit corporation can refuse to comply with a general government mandate because doing so would violate the corporation’s asserted religious beliefs,” writes NPR’s Nina Totenberg. By a 5-4 vote, the court struck an important part of President Obama’s health care law — the Read more

Update: Supreme Court rules against public unions on “fair share” fees. The future of US public-sector labor is in question. The US Supreme Court is poised to rule on Harris vs. Quinn, and could overturn the requirement that public-sector workers must pay a “fair share” of union dues even if they are not members. “Fair Read more

Publishing note: MPR News had a series of outages that kept Today’s Question from being published regularly this week. I apologize for the inconvenience. President Obama waves from AF1 to military personnel at Joint Base Andrews. Next stop: Minneapolis. pic.twitter.com/g7BLuQ1HSZ — petesouza (@petesouza) June 26, 2014 President Obama is scheduled to arrive in the Twin Read more

The Department of Natural Resources is in the process of opening some of the state’s 160 designated Scientific and Natural Areas to hunting and trapping. The areas currently don’t allow pets, camping or swimming. The Star Tribune’s Tony Kennedy interviewed former DNR managers Bob Djupstrom and Ellen Fuge about the land use change. “These are Read more