On three occasions in recent days, commercial flights have been interrupted by disputes over reclining passenger seats. Media reports have speculated that the traveling public has been pushed to a breaking point by shrinking legroom and other inconveniences associated with air travel. Seats are smaller, rows are packed closer together, overhead bins are full and Read more

“Residents in southeastern Minnesota will have three opportunities this week to discuss a proposed high-speed rail line between the Twin Cities and Rochester,” writes MPR News reporter Elizabeth Baier. Federal, state, and county officials are currently evaluating possible routes for a the proposed Zip Rail service’s 100-mile corridor that spans seven counties. Earlier this summer, Read more

“A Minneapolis City Council panel on Tuesday approved changes to regulations governing ride-share services like UberX and Lyft,” writes MPR News reporter Peter Cox. New language would add city oversight to the fast-growing but largely unregulated ride-sharing industry. The panel also voted to ease city rules on taxis. The proposed changes will go to the Read more

Rules against making cellphone calls during airline flights are “outdated,” and it’s time to change them, federal regulators said Thursday, drawing immediate howls of protest from flight attendants, airline officials and others,” write Joan Lowy and Scott Mayerowitz for the AP. Tom Wheeler, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, said in a statement Read more

“The number of people biking and walking to work in Minneapolis continued its steady increase again in 2012, according to a survey from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey that was released this week,” writes MPR News reporter Jon Collins. Biking continues to grow in popularity, with 4.5 percent of Minneapolis residents saying they Read more

Minneapolis tracks the movement of cars with a network of automatic license plate readers. Phone companies keep records on the locations of cellular customers. Today’s Question: What rules ought to govern the use of information about the movement of private citizens?

The Metropolitan Airports Commission will vote this week on proposed changes to the flight plans of aircraft departing Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The revised flight plans are expected to concentrate air traffic along particular pathways. Some residents worry that the changes will mean more noise and reduced quality of life. Today’s Question: Should homeowners have Read more

The White House announced Monday that it was giving the Southwest light rail project fast-track status, a move that was expected to shorten the project’s schedule by several months. The announcement said the project will improve access to transit in the Twin Cities area. Today’s Question: What do you think of the transit options available Read more