As Mark Steil’s story today pointed out, nitrates in Minnesota’s groundwater is of increasing concern. The causes can be complex but for years, farm fertilizer has been considered a prime component in the contamination, resulting as excess nutrients leach down into shallow aquifers. At any rate, residents and municipalities are spending big money to deal Read more

The Department of Natural Resources is in the process of opening some of the state’s 160 designated Scientific and Natural Areas to hunting and trapping. The areas currently don’t allow pets, camping or swimming. The Star Tribune’s Tony Kennedy interviewed former DNR managers Bob Djupstrom and Ellen Fuge about the land use change. “These are Read more

You may have heard or read some of our coverage Tuesday on lessons Tucson, Ariz., may have for water use in Minnesota. That’s a city that has grown substantially yet kept water consumption flat through a variety of conservation and reuse measures. The city encourages greywater use and rainwater capture; it recycles treated wastewater through Read more

MPR News reporter Mark Steil has the latest in Beneath the Surface: Minnesota’s Pending Groundwater Challenge Heavy irrigation in farm country and increasing demand in the Twin Cities have raised recent concern among many Minnesotans about the adequacy of their water supplies. It’s an old problem in southwestern Minnesota, but one that is getting more Read more

Irrigation is the fastest growing use of groundwater, and an MPR News investigation broadcast this week chronicled how hundreds of farmers likely are pumping tens of thousands of gallons of water without DNR authorization or knowledge. The Minnesota Senate passed legislation on Tuesday that would allow state officials to penalize anyone who uses large amounts Read more