“Vigilance is crucial in fighting invasive zebra mussels. The tougher question of who should pay for that vigilance is up for debate. Officials and private groups in Becker County want the state to spend more, but they aren’t waiting for that to happen,” writes MPR News reporter Dan Gunderson. In Becker County, where officials are Read more

Photo: Cell phone tower by Gary Lerude via Flickr Law enforcement agencies subpoena cellphone location data regularly. But civil liberties groups hope a series of state-level legal victories will usher in stronger protections. Reporter Larry Abramson writes for NPR: You probably know, or should know, that your cellphone is tracking your location everywhere you go. Read more

Photo by Summer via Flickr Expecting and new mothers hear a steady refrain from medical professionals and child-rearing experts of “breast is best” when it comes to feeding their newborns. Some of those that can’t or have trouble providing breast milk are turning to online marketplaces. A cottage industry has sprung up facilitating the sale Read more

Minnesota State Capitol Dome by Furqan Rauf via the MPR News Flickr pool “If Gov. Mark Dayton has his way, next year’s legislative session will be unlike any other.” “Dayton has already dubbed 2014 the ‘unsession,’ because he wants legislators to spend much of their time eliminating old, outdated state laws rather than adding new Read more

“In a bid to reduce instances of officer misconduct and help the Minneapolis Police Department defeat frivolous brutality complaints and lawsuits, city officials are considering whether to issue wearable cameras to police officers,” writes MPR News reporter Brandt Williams. The city has paid more than $20 million to resolve misconduct lawsuits and claims during the Read more