What do you think of the design for the new Vikings stadium?

“Stadium builders have unveiled their vision for Minnesota’s new NFL stadium: it’s part fluoroplastic, part Viking sailing ship and an angular nod to other Minneapolis landmarks like the Walker Art Center and the Guthrie Theater,” writes Tim Nelson on Stadium Watch. “And the roof won’t be opening. That said, the south half of the roof will be sheathed in ETFE, a transparent polymer made famous by the glowing exterior of the Beijing National Aquatics Center from the 2008 Olympics. The north half of the roof will be conventional “hard deck” roofing, but fans in Minneapolis will be able to see the sky year round, without sitting out in wintry weather.”

(HKS Architects)

Today’s Question: What do you think of the design for the new Vikings stadium?

  • Bob

    Its not a question of what I think about the design, but more importantly, how will the new stadium be paid for? That question hasn’t been answered yet, and I think the Governor and Legislature must respond by resolving this issue without involving general fund monies, as the Governor made clear before the stadium bill passed. The new stadium is simply not my responsibility.

    • Jack

      Let hemp pay for it.

      • Jack

        the Emperor wears no clothes

  • Stadium Sad

    The design seems to come from the desire to call attention to itself rather than harmonize with its environment. In my experience, the buildings I love belong, they don’t stick out. It’s glitz and angularity give me the feeling of a style that will fall out of favor and become dated, not classic.

    Not supporting the new unneeded stadium, I have an interest in a design that will last and not force another stadium build in 25 years. I had a strong negative reaction to the design, but I realize this may issue fourth from fundamental differences with the goals of those calling the shots – these people may have no care for sustainability and favor short term impact. But since Minnesotans are paying for more than half of the stadium, we should have a say in its design.

    Get some Minnesota architects on board to make sure all that glass is even feasible in the Minnesota climate.

    • Stadium Sad

      I also don’t find the new angular Guthrie design satisfying, except for the observation gallery. It’s a lonely space, despite all the bars, the long narrow escalator is hideous and a bottleneck. It wouldn’t be my choice to compliment with a new stadium, nor the Walker. Neither of these spaces seem friendly to me.

  • Alex

    question if it can be used for things other than sports as well as withstand the increasing tubulins and unexpected surfs in the ocean of climactic chaos, mega-tornados (hurricanes size like) might provide a challenge to a Viking ship toned structure, umm other than that it looks kind of like a fine structure. It could be made modifiable to be ever more green and smart could it not?

  • reggie

    Why do we have to suffer more slab buildings? (Sorry, Tim Nelson in Stadium Watch: the Walker and the new Guthrie are NOT Minneapolis landmarks; they are cheap-looking starchitects’ playthings dropped on our city. The old Guthrie might have been a landmark, but the Walker demolished it.) There is a midwestern vernacular architecture that better suits our culture and our climate. Although I like the giant swinging doors, this plastic shell looks designed to be dated quickly, and ready for demolition and new construction for the Vikings owners in 2045.

  • Jim G

    It looks cold with all that glass and gray exterior: very cold during our Minnesota winters.

    • Jim G

      After looking at how the new I 35W bridge is lit with color on Bob Collins’ News Cut today, I’d like to see some architectural LED lighting incorporated into the design. We don’t have to be gray, if we don’t want to be.

  • erock

    I think it’s awesome. I wasn’t expecting anything good out of the design.

  • Michael

    Very inappropriate for the site, they forgot they were building in a city. Poor interaction with the rest of downtown, The plaza between the light rail stop and the entrance will just become something to walk through as fast as you can to get out of the cold, and empty when there are no games. I get the feeling the architects never visited Minneapolis, never experienced a Minnesota winter, and designed a nice stadium… for LA.

  • Nicole B

    The rear end of the building is a bit of an eye-sore. Reminds me of every suburban rec center but on a larger scale with a little extra angle. The front of the structure looks awkward and like a discordant child demanding attention.

  • AJ9000

    This design totally sucks. As a design professional myself I know what I am talking about.

  • Dana

    It looks like a squashed shoebox.

  • Telstar11

    It looks more like an ark than a viking ship. At least it has a peaked roof. I don’t know… It will take some getting used to, that’s for sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gunnars1 Gunnar Sturm


  • Jiminmn

    I wonder what it looks like with the roof collapsed from snow?

  • david

    Looks interesting. I’m glad it doesn’t “blend in” with the surrounding area. 1900s industrial is not something to aspire to. I hope I get to work on its construction. I bet that’ll be interesting.

    • david

      And as for it looking dated soon, I’m sure designed in obsolescence was part of the deal made with Ziggy. That way he can swindle the city out of the money for a new stadium in a decade or so.

  • Steve the Cynic

    It looks like a megachurch.

    • Elijah the Tishbite

      That’s because it is. Minnesota does not need this new temple to Footbaal.

    • Ann M

      Maybe they are planning to pray for a good quarterback and a winning team.If a stadium makes a difference, they should build a stadium that looks like Green Bay’s or some other team that has had recent winning seasons.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Manuel/718882229 John Manuel

        Your not from Green Bay are you Ann. You see the difference between Mn and Wisconsin is the soil Ann. Over there it is dry, and sandy. Here it is rich, like the people and the culture, unlike in Wisc.

  • Sue de Nim

    Football stadiums are categorically hideous. It doesn’t matter what they look like on the outside; the ritual glorification of violence that happens on the inside is ugly.

  • adam


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Manuel/718882229 John Manuel

    As long as the keep AP up there!