Would having to pay sales tax for online purchases change your shopping habits?

Estimates suggest that Minnesota misses out on $400 million each year by failing to collect sales taxes on purchases made online, through catalogues or by other means. State officials are considering whether and how to collect some of that money. Today’s Question: Would having to pay sales tax for online purchases change your shopping habits?

  • Fred Garvin

    ” how the Obama administration got it wrong by being slow, bureaucratic and insular.”
    You left out the scores of lies about the website being ready and tested given under oath to Congress by Obama officials since March, 2011. The only question is whether those lies rise to perjury.
    You left out the explicit lies about keeping your health care insurance and your doctor made by Obama throughout the summer of 2009 as he campaigned for Obamacare.
    Come on. Call it what it is.

  • Fred Garvin

    Come on, why did MPR waste space quoting Ezekiel Emanuel–a well-known liar and Obama groupie?
    There are plenty of credible sources out there–anyone named Emanuel is not in that group.

  • Fred Garvin

    “the Americans who are likely to endure the frustrations are those who most need coverage :
    Huh? Why do the young who tend to be healthy need health “insurance”? NO THEY DO NOT!
    It’s Obamacare that needs young healthy folks to pay for Obamacare. When the young figure this out, down goes the Obamacare titanic.

  • AndyBriebart

    It went wrong? I think most folks on the left haven’t came to that point yet. But, now I guess it’s OK because the NY TImes says so.

  • LibertarianUSA

    Gee, maybe because the government is spearheading this effort? I feel for the people that are watching their plans disintegrate in front of their eyes, only to be told they have to buy a different plan that will cost them 200% more. There’s stories all over even though the MSM does not like to report it.

    You wouldn’t lose your existing insurance, they said. You can keep your doctor, they said. It’s all lies. They can’t even run the websites correctly, how are they going to manage people’s health?

    This law needs to be scrapped. The only people hurt by this are the middle class and all those people that thought this was “free” are starting to see the truth.