In your view, what was the most memorable story of 2012?

Journalists at MPR News have put together a list of their most memorable stories of 2012. Today’s Question: In your view, what was the most memorable story of 2012?

  • Clark

    Governor Walkers defeat of greedy public employee union thugs who believe forced income redistribution actually creates growth.

    Next would be the Hostess BK where the unions refused an 8% pay cut and instead received a 100% pay cut. They sure showed management?

    • GregX

      Walker played the game well and Unions are still using 1940’s tactics and ideas. The next wave of worker “unionization” won’t be anything the companies will be able to control. It won’t have leadership, it won’t have a name. It won’t even talk to you … but it will be available to anyone who wants to know about your company and … whether its worth working there … or … setting up some competition.

      • Clark

        I would agree which is why private union rate is now below 6%. Less union power means more concentration on individual merit.

  • Emery

    The success of liberal initiatives, and the defeat of socially
    conservative senate Tea Party candidates and Mitt Romney suggest a
    movement towards a more socially liberal country. Historically, the last great economic dislocation in the 1930s also
    led to rapid social liberalization as conservatives, exposed as unable
    to manage a successful economy, lost their moral sway as well. This
    seems to be happening in the wake of today’s economic crisis.

  • Gary F

    Memorable, Not favorite. The American public voting for Stage Two of Obama’s dismantling of the United States of America.

    • GregX

      Funny – there was group saying the same thing about Bush-Dos The DUB…. that man had categorically rich history or ruining companies and a state before taking the helm of the USA. After his two terms … the banks collapsed, the economy followed, and America had cashed out its ability to generate revenue. We were knee deep in two unfunded wars, had irritated nearly every trading partner, lied to our global anti-terrorism partners and couldn’t admit that regardless of how … the climate was changing and would have direct business costs for US businesses. And lastly we had an “anything fer a buck” energy policy that while paying dividends is now polluting ground water and giving Americans flaming tap water and forestalling a rational approach to energy conservation that will actually make us more competitive!!!

      Come to think of it…. I think America voting for Obama twice might mean that we were sorrier about the Bush years than conservatives thought.

  • Rich

    I would have to agree with Emery. The defeat of the two GOP proposed amendments was a memorable event in Minnesota politics. Hopefully the GOP will have a long memory….

  • Steve the Cynic

    After more than three decades of the political pendulum swinging rightward, there were clear signs it had stopped and begun swinging back to the middle. Our moderate president was re-elected, and the radical right wing lost seats in both houses of Congress. Two states voted to legalize cannabis, and four voted against marriage inequality.

    • GregX

      in the water glass analogy ..
      the optimist says half full
      the pessimist says half empty
      the engineer says wrong size glass

      the pendulum is a model designed to convince that the two-party either-or system is valid.

      In the matter of the pendulum…
      this engineer says … I wouldn’t use a pendulum clock on a moving ship.

  • Sue de Nim

    Since the question doesn’t specify “non-fiction,” I’ll say it’s J.K.Rowling’s new novel, The Casual Vacancy.

  • georges

    The most memorable story is: the whole country learned in reality it isn’t all that easy to take candy from a baby…….
    ……….when the greedy babies have half the votes.

    • GregX

      well the NRA’s slogan .

      … “You’ll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers … ”

      pretty much sums up every Americans take on how hard it would be to take something away. Its funny how everyone has figured what someone else can give up … but somehow not what they will let go of.

      that last little piece … what will each of us let go of … that’s the one holding everything in America back.

      and your posts/commments show you are pretty entrenched in that behavior.

      And…. citing the list of what you have already given … is ZERO points. Cause everybody has one dang long list.

      • georges

        You seem to be unable to understand the difference between the Second Amendment, which is necessary to the security of a free state, and candy, which is extraneous, and not necessary to secure anything, and only makes us fat and gives us rotten teeth.

        You liberals have long been gorging on the candy, and now, when economic times dictate you stop, you find yourselves unwilling to do what needs to be done. You are addicted to the candy that has buying your votes for so many decades.

        We should have never given the vote to the babies. They will forever continue to vote to bury us in candy, empty calories, while substantial sustenance gets ignored.

  • Joe Duea

    Sadly I would have to say the Sandy Hook School shooting that has shown how vulnerable we are.

  • GregX

    the unreported one –

    that internet blogging and posting is the corporate means for dissipating the intellectual energy and political will of the masses into a harmless ball of gas. And its equally insidious long term direction, that in the future participants will have to pay and thus serve as one more cash-revenue stream for corporate america from the average citizens angst.

    paying (a pretty penny) for the media is the first step. paying (a shiny dime) to complain about it is the next . and then … paying (a quaint quarter) to not be in it … hoo hoo … that well be the circle.

    ahhh the public life.

  • Bob A

    These questions are way too general.

  • Ann M

    The Republicans haven’t been able to come up with an inspiring presidential candidate in the last two elections.It has been difficult for those of us who are conservatives to get behind these older candidates who repeatedly run and don’t have a clear inspiring message.Also, the events of the year show that the word “marriage” should be taken out of all gov’t and tax documents since so many people don’t want to keep the traditional definition of marriage. Then marriage would be defined privately (as men, or groups, or whatever they want) and we wouldn’t have to discuss the issue in public forums or in schools..

  • CarlS

    Well given the short attention span of the average American it always depends on which moment you ask the question. At this moment it feels like the Vikings improbable winning season. When my purple pride calms down it will probably be the economy, and how (I hope) we are in a transition to more sound and sustainable fiscal policies. Maybe that hope is more of a wish.

  • georges

    Then there was the memorable story from 2 Fridays ago that no one seemed to notice…..

    That Barack Hussein Obama was so afraid, so desperately fearful that the idea of armed guards in schools may actually be perceived as the proper answer to the problem (which it is), that he felt compelled to attempt burying the idea with not ONE but TWO live appearances on National TV that very same day.

    When Barack gets afraid, he always jumps around in hasty excitement…..and does knee-jerk reactions of obvious expediency.

  • georges

    Then there was that other memorable story……

    When the 5 month old video of Romney saying he didn’t want to spend money on convincing the 47% to vote for him came out, the real reason for bringing it out unfolded quietly behind the scenes. The investigations of Eric Holder AND Maxine Waters were dropped without fanfare or notice by the public.

    Boehner, in league with his pals, the Democrats, cooked up this scheme. Way to go, Boehner. Tip O’Neill would be so proud. Democrats and Republicans working together…….to deceive the Citizens.

  • Jim G

    Sandy Hook Elementary… was certainly the saddest memory. I hope we never forget our 1st graders and their courageous protectors: teachers, staff members, and first responders.

    The most satisfying memory was Election Day, November 5th with the re-election of Obama, the defeat of the two state Republican sponsored Minnesota constitutional amendments, the defeat of the not-ready-for prime-time Republican legislative leadership, the defeat of the Republican Senatorial candidate… you get the idea. This election will be remembered as a real victory for Minnesota’s Middle Class over the oligarchy. It was a day where we saw the little guy stand up to big moneyed interests: a day that will go down as the rising of the Under Represented, emerging finally as full citizens into the sunlight of democracy. Happy 2013 to all. Have a great New Year’s Day.

  • linda

    The stories of hypocrisy revealed, and why so many are leaving the Demorcratic party as a result..forget Hillary’s scandal leaving our consulate unsafe and four murdered, forget Fast and Furious with more deaths of US citizens and countless mexican citizens, forget promises of “if elected, will cut the deficit in hlaf in my first year” (2009) Here is the best of the rest in this never ending hypocrisy: of Progressives’ “Do as I say, not as I do.”

    Senator John Kerry (D-MA), President BarakSenator John Kerry
    Obama’s nomination for the next secretary of state, has investments in companies who have been accused of violating U.S. sanctions against doing business with Iran.

    According to Kerry’s disclosure forms, one of Kerry’s investments is with Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras (Petrobras), a Brazilian-based oil and gas corporation.

    A 2009 report from Congressional Research Services said Petrobras has had “major investments in Iran’s energy sector” since 1999. In 2010, Congress listed Petrobras as a company possibly violating Iran sanctions.

    A The New York Times report from 2010 stated: “Recently, after 50 lawmakers from both parties complained to President Obama about the lack of enforcement and sent him a list of companies that apparently violated the law, the State Department announced a preliminary investigation. Officials said that
    they were looking at 27 deals, and that while some appeared to have been‘carefully constructed’ to get around the letter of the law, they had identified a number of problematic cases and were focusing on companies still active in Iran. Among the companies on the list Congress sent to the State Department is the Brazilian state-controlled energy conglomerate Petrobras, which last year received a $2 billion Export-Import Bank loan to develop an oil reserve off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Obama auhtorized this money from our 2nd. stimulus! Obama loans and Kerry profits..Hmmm…now you see the point.

    Kerry’s assets in Petrobras are worth between $150,000 and 350,000.

    Kerry’s overall net worth is estimated at a minimum of $198.65 million, according to disclosure forms, making him one of the richest members of Congress. But who complianed about Governor Romney’s wealth as a bad thing?????? See?

    Source of the above article: The Weekly Standard

  • Steve the Cynic

    Apparently some folks didn’t read the question carefully enough. It wasn’t “With reference to the news of 2012, what are some of your favorite political rants?”

  • kevins

    Happy New Year Linda, wherever you are. Most memorable moment was the birth of our first grandchild, Alexandra, on 12/12/12 at 12 minutes to 12 ( in addition to the remarkable strength of Minn voters to knock out the two amendments, and the remarkable reelection of an extremely good Pres.)

  • Wally

    That MPR/NPR still claim to be “fair, balanced, objective” and all that blahdeblah malarkey.