What did you think of the Biden-Ryan debate?

Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan met in their only head-to-head debate before the election. Today’s Question: What did you think of the Biden-Ryan debate?

  • Angel

    I thought Ryan was well mannered and respectful Biden on the other hand laughing his way through the whole debate even on important matters such as Iran capaple of nuclear weapons. Ryan was very serious about everything. To say biden won would be far from the truth it just sounded like he blamed everyone one else for what happened in Benghazi.

    Interuptions by Biden were rude. And Biden constantly attacked him about the deficit and how to bring America back on it’s feet again and the plan that the republicans have, well I don’t why he is attacking him on that matter when when obama’s policies failed and were 16 trillion dollars in debt, and obama is to busy worrying about his next election than whats happened to are ambassador, there is no leadership obama’s to busy being celebrity and not being the president.All in all I think Ryan won the debate.

  • Richard

    I liked Biden’s Smile. It is a pretty precise bullshit alarm.

    Ryan lies, Biden Smiles.

    Biden earned his salary last night..

  • Claire

    Was that a debate, or Joe Biden taking Paul Ryan to the woodshed?

    Dear Barack , Can you send me some stimulus money?

    Love, Paul Ryan

  • Clark

    Biden – what an evil smile. Typical far left radical crazy that believe their idealogy trumps the truth. Ryan responded without shouting and facts.

    Moochers beware, the check may not be in the mail for the next four years.

  • Jane

    You are right! Ryan responded without fact, at least without truthful facts.

  • Emery

    I’m not sure the word ‘fact’ means what you think it means.

  • Claude

    @ Clark

    I think you were watching a different debate.

  • Tony

    Let’s face it, debates are for partisans and political wonks. Will it make a difference in this election? Probably not. The real debate begins when the spinning begins. Fox News accuses Biden of being crazy, while MSNBC calls him a brilliant debater. What one sees in any debate depends on one’s world view.

    In the end, someone had to tell Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney that their ideas are laughable. If anyone can speak the truth, it’s Joe Biden. Clearly, Joe won’t win any points for subtlety, but someone had to tell Romney-Ryan that “the emperor has no clothes.”

    I think the moderator did an incredible job. She was fair, but she pressed both candidates to follow their rhetoric to a logical conclusion. She asked Paul Ryan for specifics and he could not produce them.

  • Tom

    Some would blame VP Biden’s his lack of manners on anxiety, I believe he was rude and anxious.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The debate was a Rorschach test. What one thinks about it says more about oneself than anything else.

  • Gary F

    I listened to the debate this time, truly a different experience. The only thing I got from not watching it was that you really got hear the inflection in their voices and Bidon comes off as a crusty old guy.

    Bidon, well he accomplished his biggest goal, and that was not putting his foot in his mouth.

    Ryan, he held his own through all the interruptions.

    Raddatz, most of her questions were directed at Ryan’s policies, putting him on the defensive instead of asking general questions while not directing questions to Bidon to put him on the defensive. But she did hold Bidon tough on some.

    I don’t think either one had a decisive victory.

    I’m not sure if the moderators can keep the peace in this. These guys need to shut up and let the other guy speak. Bidon was the worst of the two, but Ryan, not be outdone, did his share too.

    Seeing Obama got his ass kicked last time, I expect him to interrupt and cause all holy heck. And I don’t see Romney willing to take it.

    The winner of the next debate may be the one that stays calm cool and collected, and most of all, Presidential.

    This could be an All Star Wrestling match with folding chairs and everything. Or as Larry “Bud” Melman always wanted, “a joust with sharpened show shovels”.

    I’m going to watch it on TV next time.

  • Nick

    I thought Biden was very rude during the whole thing. I mean at one point I felt he was shouting at me! Why was he shouting at the camera? On the other hand Ryan did a great job of staying calm and not getting to worked up with how rude Biden was with his interruptions.

    At the same time to those who keep saying Ryan lied were you listening to Biden? At one point Biden was arguing the administration didn’t like sanctions on Iran and then a few sentences later he was arguing the sanctions were working great. They both were spinning half truths.

    In the end I just want to know where was Jim Gray and why didn’t they invite him as well?

  • John

    Without Interruptions by Biden, I think Ryan would bring up with an arm full of his statistics. Biden is disrespectful and unprofessional while Ryan is calm, cool and respectful.

  • Jay Lee

    Stimulus didn’t work according to Ryan even though he requested stimulus twice. What a malarkey artist.

  • Pearly

    Biden’s dentist won!

  • Andrew

    I think Joe Biden’s reactions were appropriate and genuine given the “bunch of stuff” Ryan was peddling much of the evening. When pushed for details, especially about Romney’s 20% tax cut and how to pay for it, Ryan was flummoxed. He didn’t have an answer–because the math doesn’t work. Biden’s laugh at many times was an appropriate way of saying “can you believe this guy?!?” The Romney-Ryan ticket is the most substance-free, any-way-the-wind-blows ticket I’ve ever seen. “You’ll find out what we want to do when you have elected us.”

    Ryan also proved he’s pretty much over his head with foreign policy. And he also admitted he’s willing to turn Social Security into a voucher program and force his religious beliefs on the entire country when it comes to birth control. This debate likely won’t change anyone’s mind, but it did establish a clear choice between tickets.

    BTW, Martha Raddatz did an excellent job as moderator.

  • Connie R

    On one hand, VP Biden criticized the Romney-Ryan team for not sharing specifics of their plan then on the other hand said we couldn’t work with the congress – they blocked everything we were trying. Romney-Ryan said they have to work with the congress to get anything done, which is true.

    Also, Biden seemed condescending like calling Netanyahu by a nickname and openly scoffing at Ryan’s ideas. No wonder nothing gets done in Washington. If they would just listen to the other one and acknowledge the other ones ideas. Then state why you think the way you do on the subject.. Communication 101, Joe.

  • Ann

    What would people say if Ryan had made faces and used Biden’s body language? What would people say if Ryan had used the word “friend” over and over in the way Biden did? The media and other Democrats would have criticized him for days.I am glad that Ryan didn’t stoop that low.

  • GregX

    Ancient Greece would pay an individual to be the town drunk as a warning to others of the damage that behavior can lead to. Televised debates server the same purpose. Clearly the difference is that you can drive a vehicle while under the influence of politics – but just barely. Political discussion is known to cause mass hallucinations in those who observe the event. While akin to hypnotism – the outcome typically affects both the conscious and unconscious mind – and is thus far more detrimental. In addition – the nature of infection means that it spreads without the hosts nor the target minds knowledge or awareness. It is thus the almost insidious as Apple marketing.

  • inuit

    It would seem we are paying Joe Biden to be the town drunk example guy. Or, rather, the town crazy old man. Stay away from him. Don’t become like this one.

  • Jim G

    This debate clearly showed the differences in the vision of the future that have been presented. Ryan was passing misinformation as truth and Biden was on point calling it malarkey. I love that word. It signifies for me why I can’t support support Republican policies, or candidates. They have no substance behind them, only malarkey and rich guys pulling strings.

  • Sam

    They (especially the moderator) were great at avoiding any question regarding ending the failed War on Drugs and ending the Prohibition of Cannabis/hemp.

    I thought they both did well enough given the buffoonery they represent.

    How much more interesting it would be asking the top 5 internet questions and to include the other 3 parties in the debate.

  • Lindsay

    I thought the moderator was great! She had control of the debate. Joe Biden was funny, but it was difficult for me to take him seriously. However, I think he made Ryan look incapable of standing up for what his policies are (or even defining exactly what his policies are).

    Needless to say, I can’t wait to see what SNL has to say about the debates.

  • John P.

    It’s interesting to hear people describe Biden as pushy and rude. I had the same thought about Romney in the Presidential debate.

  • Wally


    Ol’ Smirky acted all the clown

    As he “debated,” got right down

    To claim that was a bunch of “stuff”

    As he faced Ryan in a huff

    We know what he would rather say

    But Smirky watched his mouth today

    At least the words that Smirky said

    But not the thoughts within his head

    He smiled and snickered, near guffawed

    And we who watched were not so awed

    At how crass could a V.P. be

    Was no respect that we could see

    Though Smirky oft said “My good friend”

    Again, this clown the truth did bend

    For friends don’t laugh, and friends don’t smirk

    As their “friend” speaks . . His words don’t work.

    How should we think of this, our Veep?

    It’s simple. Smirky’s just a creep.

    p.s. I’m not a particular fan of Romney/Ryan

  • david

    I kept wondering if Bert knew his old roommate wants to get him fired from PBS. That Ryan is a goofing looking dude.

  • Misan Thrope

    Good political theater. “Uncle” Joe Biden vs. Paul “Nerdster” Ryan. A moderator who actually moderated.

  • Christopher

    I appreciated how Biden spoke from a point of being a part of the process that Romney/Ryan want to emmulate.

    It clearly set him apart as the more knowledgable.

    It also gave him the confidence to directly answer the questions and not have to dance around it with pretty words and a calm cool demeanor.

    Does Ryan even know what the loop holes are?

    I think we should first have him simply name or describe the loop holes and then we can ask him which ones he would like to present to congress for closing.

    I also agree that Biden’s dentist won.

  • AM

    Just a point to all the viewers of the debate: Bidens antics; eye rolling, denegrading, pompous behavior is not only to Mr (soon to be Vice President) Ryan, but also to YOU. You who expect a more cival and respectful debate (is it any wonder we have the incivility in politics today??? reminded me more of my 8yr old daughters behavior)

  • kevins

    I have heard several say that the VP was disrespectful or condescending to Ryan, which is an interesting take considering the things said about Obama over the last four years. Seems a bit hippocritical at the least, but I am gratified that my Repub friends have rediscovered their sensitive sides. Har.

  • http://None J Russo

    Joe Bidon made a complete idiot out of himself. God forbid this team wins reelection and god forbid something happens to the president do we want this moron in office? Will he laugh and snicker when the Chinese disagree with his views? Seriously we need to clean out Washington and get rid of the Bob Barker look a likes and thieves running our country into the ground.

  • Kurt Nelson

    Now that was a debate, at times feisty and combative, but some substance too. For those who think Biden was rude. get over yourselves. Passivity in a President (or someone who might be called to step in) is not a trait I would associate with the job. Ryan was outmatched, and his inability to articulate any cogent ideas, save for the talking points, is prime example he is not ready.

    Biden is accused of being gaff prone, but I would love to see a clip of him in a gaff while in a debate, it just does not happen. While speaking off-the-cuff, and to friendly audience, sure he is a gaff machine, but not in debates, and last night proved it.

  • Beth

    Biden won, Ryan talked out of his hat, they both did well and yet were a mixture of kind and rude. However I would love a longer debate including the candidates of the parties, with better questions and after they all had some espresso/mocha and hash.

  • James

    I’m listening to it now, thanks MPR for replaying it!

    and thanks for the suggestion Beth, debates are much better with caffeine and thc, took care of one, now for the mocha!

    Biden sounds strong and wise, Ryan sounds nervous and uncertain. Both need some ganja and some pespective.

  • Jonathan

    Paul Ryan sounds alot like Guy Raz, just not as informed.

  • Truth@You

    Biden was very informative, Ryan was someone who looked like he would go up and say whatever to get elected, the blame game just like obama is doing to bush, ryan is doing to obama. I think biden took this debate by a 60/40 margin. Thats the Truth

  • Freewillig

    My favorite moment was when Ryan announced “Mitt Romney is a car guy” and then went on to explain that Romney had helped some people who’d been in a car accident. If that’s not a “car guy” I don’t know who is.

  • Paul Lang

    The Vice President demonstrated convincing experience about why America needs to set a specific date for completely turning over Afghan defense responsibility to the Afghani Government. In failing to demonstrate his understanding of the wisdom on that and other “The Buck Stops Here” national security and foreign policy matters, Congressman Ryan showed that he is unqualified to serve as President.

  • d12

    As Peggy Noonan stated in the WSJ today: “In terms of content—the seriousness and strength of one’s positions and the ability to argue for them—the debate was probably a draw, with both candidates having strong moments. But in terms of style, Mr. Biden was so childishly manipulative that it will be surprising if independents and undecideds liked what they saw.

    National Democrats keep confusing strength with aggression and command with sarcasm. Even the latter didn’t work for Mr. Biden. The things he said had the rhythm and smirk of sarcasm without the cutting substance.

    And so the Romney-Ryan ticket emerged ahead. Its momentum was neither stopped nor slowed and likely was pushed forward.”

    Yeah, pretty much what I think. Let’s get this election over with and move on. Maybe Obama will be able to actually earn that Nobel Peace Prize with all the free time he will have as a former president.

  • Lewis

    It was funny when they asked Ryan what tax loop holes they would close to make their tax plan work and he couldn’t give any specifics. I totally expected Biden to say if they would just release Romney’s tax returns we would know exactly which loop holes need to be closed.

  • georges

    So, the wacko leftists, as well as the merely whacked-out, along with the whack tokers…..

    …..all think Biden is the bomb.

    Well, there’s a surprise.

    Like when MPR had a “news break” this morning, and led off with the shocking “news” that Obama said Biden had done a “great job” and added that he was “proud of him”, like the new found Daddy of a giant sized baby.

    What a total waste of precious News time. Now, if Obama had said Biden had done a horrible job, and he was embarassed by the veep’s constant disgusting derisions, THEN it would have been NEWS.

    As it is, when a common, ordinary, run of the mill Democrat drinks the kool-aid, we already know what he will say.


  • Elaine Pelzel

    I can not adequately express my disgust at the level of childisness Biden demonstrated. However his laughing while Ryan discussed Bengazi was horrifying. I had watched the Congressional hearings and when Biden LIED so casually, I knew that I could not vote again for this team. I want to know (1) WHO TOLD THE PRESIDENT, HILARY, AND SUSAN RICE that this film caused this violence? I want them to answer under OATH. When does lying cross the line into a criminal attempt to cover up a terrorists attack on America? And NBC’s lack lack of professionalism and failure to report the truth should result in them losing their license to operate as a news outlet. After President Margarif clearly said the film did not cause this, NBC reporters argued the lie this White House was spinning. WHY? I am so disgusted I could never support them again. How anyone could think that a VP who had so impeached his word could be taken seriously after that and his little boy antics, is a mystery to me. It is as if people wanting to support them will not even entertain the truth any more. That is SCARY!!! And our press…well thank God for one honest CNN reporter who found and read the journal.

  • jockamo

    The best part was when Biden was trying to make himself out to be a big, brave man, a dilligent servant of the People who was willing to put himself in danger for the good of all…….

    “I’ve been there 20 times. I’ve been all over Afghanistan……….In a helicopter.”

    Hahahahaha…….Dat was funni, jack……

    Kind of like when Hillary said she was “under fire” when her plane was landing……

    We should be able to find a way to get Joe and Hilly into real Army uniforms and down on the front lines. Those 2 brave souls would surely save us all………

    Or bury the enemy under a cornucopia candy mountain of ugly lies.

  • Kelly Pelzel

    You know there can’t be a winner if one party see’s the debate as a circus in which he is performing. The debates are intended for each candidate to share with the American people his vision, or record that make him the stronger choice. Biden acted more like a protestor, determined to undermine. That was most offensive to my household. So while some seem to think that was strength, I saw it as weakness and fear. Outside of the negetive behavior, solely based on answers, I believe it was a draw. But when I factor in the BLATANT LIE and dismissive laughter when discussing BenGazie at the beginning, I have to say it was a win for Ryan. That was truly unbelievable. Anyone who watched the hearings knew he was lying. UNLESS he and the Pres don’t attend any intelligence briefings because they knew in 24 hours it was a Terrorist Attack and clearly more support was requested on 5 different occasions. Also Clinton had warning about an upcoming attack and there had been a previous trial run on the compound. SO that made Biden seem Inept at best and at worst…willing to support LIES. Neither is good for our country. So my vote is now going to Romney/Ryan. I trust they would own up and take responsibility for mistakes.

  • Linda in Plymouth

    Biden laughing during discussion on severely important matters such as Iran’s coming capability getting nuclear weapons. Biden lying when he said, “WE didn’t know (the White House) about the consulate events until later. ” But the State Department had just given testimony to Congress the day before, so Biden tries to cover up the truth again ( 2 weeks later they figure it out while in the mean time, they use, yes USE an excuse of some un seen You tube clip? ) Amazing. Either they didn’t know because they weren’t on the job, not attending Security Briefings or they are covering up so Obama’s foreign policies do not look even more of a failure. Benghazigate is sadly real…Hilllary did not allow military security for our Ambassador yet we always have Marine guards for our Ambassador in Paris France!!!!!!!

    The moderator allowed Biden to interrupt and look unprofessional on over 80 occasions. He yelled and pointed fingers at her and at us the viewers. The moderator cut off Ryan several times. And even then, Ryan won the debate hands down. Obama couldn’t pay me enough in government handouts to get his vote.

  • George

    Ryan got “legitimately raped” last evening.

  • J. Olsen

    Vice President Biden exposed a green-horn Paul Ryan, who is incompetent to serve the United States as a vice president. Paul Ryan is a fabricator of the truth, as is Mitt Romney. I hope the majority of Americans are intelligent enough to know not to change the captain of our ship when we are in the midst of an economic storm. Vice President Biden was like a father lecturing his son on the facts of life in the debate with Mr. Ryan.

  • jockamo

    Democrats are so accustomed to lying, it is like breathing, so……natural, to them, that they don’t even think about it. Indeed, they don’t even know they are doing it.

    It is a way of life……..

    Not a good one…….but one.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Interesting to see who’s knocking Biden for being rude. I guess it takes one to know one.

    Question for “Linda in Plymouth”:

    How come, a short time ago, you claimed to be from another country, apologizing for your unpracticed English, with some obvious mistakes in your postings, but your latest post looks like it could have been written by a highly educated native speaker? Has someone been helping you lately? Or was your claim to be an immigrant a ruse?

  • kevins

    The VP debate was actually good,in terms of information, contrast of positions and clarification. Congrats to both. Ryan, however, articulated a five point plan for the economy that derives from every campaign in the last five decades, tasty in its attractiveness to most Americans, but no different than what has been proposed before. Thus, no new ideas. Ryan also had a chance to define how those goals would be accomplished, but did not or could not. That, was a mistake, because we have heard all of that before, and we are mature enough to recognize that it means nil until the specifics are defined. I’m voting for Obama. Har.

  • Rich

    How pathetic.

    Congressman Ryan cannot in any way admit that the war in Afghanistan is lost.

    “All the gains our troops have achieved”

    What gains?

    The western countries have the most expensive troops in the world at the end of a long and vulnerable supply-line.

    The Pashtuns will be there long after the grandchildren of our children have died. It cost them nothing.

    We do not have the staying power, and the idea that we can change cultures by fighting a less and less popular war is utter nonsense.


  • jockamo


    Has killed well over twice as many of our soldiers in 4 years, in Afghanistan, than what George W. Bush was able to do in 8 years……..

    And about 5 times as many maimed…….

    Which makes Obama 4 times as awful as Dubya ever was…….

    Think about that 3 times………

    For once…….

  • Steve the Cynic

    Jockamoo/georges, are you trying to sound stupid, or does it come naturally?

  • Derek

    The old man (Biden) mauled the youngster (lyin Ryan) around like a rott on a rag doll. Biden beat him silly with facts, logic and superior experience. And he did it with a smile.

  • georges

    Only a committed, community-organized common Democrat……..

    Could confuse cackling with competence…….


  • Steve the Cynic

    Which is why no one should confuse your molotov crock tales with insight, HarHarHar.

  • jockamo

    The actual figures are:

    U.S. dead in Afghanistan…..

    Under George W. Bush in 8 years: 630

    Under Barack H. Obama in less than 4 years: 1,506

    Also, lets not forget the U.S. wounded:

    Bush in 8 years: 2,635

    Obama in less than 4 years: 15,039


    Coalition dead under Bush: 1,049

    Coalition dead under Obama: 2,153

    HarHarHar…….always cute how the rightful Son works so darn hard to outdo his Father………….


  • Emery

    Who someone believes had facts and honesty on his side appears to be entirely a matter of who the listener came in agreeing with.

    “Do you have specifics?”

    Martha Raddatz:


  • Eric

    I generally tip around 20%, sometimes a bit more. That said, I also believe that the tip should have more to do with the service than the price of the meal, so I have recently started applying a minimum tip value for any sit-down meal with decent service of $5, regardless of the price of the meal. If I get decent service on a $15 meal, why should the server be tipped less than if I got the same service on a $25 meal?

  • Gilly

    I’d be interested in a companion poll of restaurant workers with the same choice of answers, only asking what level of tip they most often receive.