Musicians at both the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra are being asked to take substantial pay cuts. Minnesota Orchestra musicians earn an average $135,000 per year, and the guaranteed minimum for musicians in the chamber orchestra is about $74,000 per year. Today’s Question: Does the skill of the musicians in the SPCO Read more

President Obama has scheduled no individual meetings with foreign leaders at this year’s General Assembly of the United Nations. Some Republicans have charged that Obama is too preoccupied with his campaign to give the U.N. the attention it deserves. Today’s Question: What role should the U.N. play in America’s foreign policy?

You’ll likely be bombarded with political ads, fliers and emails between now and the election on Nov. 6. Today’s Question: What kind of political ads do you think are most effective? (As part of our On Message project, we’re fact checking the claims made in political ads, fliers, emails, etc. and finding out who’s paying Read more