Should beer sales be part of college sporting events?

Under a plan approved by the Legislature, fans at TCF Stadium will be able to buy beer during football games. Today’s Question: Should beer sales be part of college sporting events?

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  • Hiram

    No. Most college students are underage.

  • reggie

    Can you buy a glass of wine during intermission at Northrop or the Ted Mann Concert Hall? How is selling beer at the new {corporate name} football stadium any different? Personally, I’d prefer the U not sell alcohol on campus, but one way or the other, I’d expect a consistent policy in all venues.

  • Ron

    Good one Hiram!

    I can remember when I was underage. ;^)

  • Gary F

    “No. Most college students are underage.”

    They just get pickled before the game. Ever been to a game at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison?

    From what I can tell, the rules are so tight for beer sales at TCF Stadium that I wouldn’t want to buy an overpriced beer and then have to stay corralled in a pen.

    I work the concession stands at TCF bank stadium for a non-profit. There are no modern cash registers and credit card sales done manually. If you add beer to those stations, the lines will really get long.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Should fielding a football team be part of the mission of a land grant university? Today’s “Today’s Question” shouldn’t have to be asked.

  • Alison

    Keep beer out of the stadium. Underage college students will never be able to figure out how to get beer anywhere else. In fact, in all my college years I don’t ever recall seeing an underage student with a beer in hand.

    On a less sarcastice note, I’m with Steve the Cynic. Why does our premier instute of higher education maintain semi-pro sports teams?

  • Larry M.

    Why should the rules be different than anywhere else?

  • Ann

    Do universities in other states have it? Maybe the university and Legislature should be discussing how else they can improve the teams and the school.

  • John P

    After spending Monday night’s Twins game sharing a section with “Loud, Obnoxious Guy”, I question whether beer belongs at any sporting event.

  • Jim G

    Evidence of beer drinking go back to the dawn of agriculture and has many ritual activities surrounding its use. That being said, responsible beer drinking and college students do not mix well. Maybe the U should charge a “permit to carry” to those who can demonstrate they can use this weapon of mass stupidity responsibly.

  • georges

    Well of course the University should sell beer at sporting events.

    How else are they going to make money?

    The “U” should sell hard liquor, too. Pints, fifths, quarts, shots of all kinds, jello shots, bellybutton shots, rim shots, double shots…

    And cigarettes. Sell ’em cigarettes, cigars, condoms, term papers, Zig-Zag papers and weed.

  • Margaret

    Should beer sales be part of college sporting events?

    No, just ganja and condoms.

    Tobacco and alcohol are disgusting and deadly.

    We need fun and to feel free to frolic.

  • Roger

    Aren’t most attendees alumns and not students? It’s a great way to earn money for the university.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “It’s a great way to earn money for the university.”

    Will the university get the profits from beer sales, or just the football team?

  • Wally

    Sure, sell beer. Wait. Hand out FREE BEER, and enough drunks will spill it all over their fellow fans–as happened to me as a kid–and maybe it will help create lifelong football foes, or perhaps enough drunks will suicide themselves driving home from the games, and lead to the extinction of a ridiculous sport.

  • James

    We students love weed, why don’t they just legalize it? Alcohol is such a dumbing drug, no wonder the 1% promote it.

  • Ben K

    As a season football ticket holder for many years dating back to the Metrodome and as a U alumnus, the easiest and clearest answer to this question is that alcohol should only be available in the premium seats. And that goes for Mariucci and Williams Arenas too.

  • Mickey

    The argument that most students are underage doesn’t hold water, unless the stadium employees don’t plan to ID alcohol buyers. Students that want to get lit up for a game will still find a way.

    Ever open the door to the one stall in the mens room at Mariucci? That poor toilet tank is heavy with bottles smuggled in to be mixed with soda. Other students drink beer out of cans hidden in mittens. Some just get a healthy buzz on before going to the game.

    None of this has any bearing on the ability of the U to extract revenue from adults who prefer to sip on a beer during a sporting event, concert, or gallery opening. My understanding is that this is intended to assuage the Vikings in the event they play at The Bank for a year or two, and is not a comprehensive policy for all University buildings and events.

  • georges

    The primary goal of large Universities has long ago ceased to be education.

    It is…now….money. The accumulation thereof.

    To that end, our hallowed institutions maintain semi-pro basketball and football teams for one reason.

    To seperate successful alumnus from large amounts of their money by making them feel good about their chaotic days at the “U”. They do this by having a winning football or basketball team.

    Because the “U” has no morals or standards greater than immediate gratification, they do not care how they get winning teams, merely that they get them.

    Therefore, they hire the best players they can find, even though it is well known the players are not fit for college academic work.

    They enroll them in fake classes, like basketweaving (Native American Studies), as the players call it, and African American Studies, Sports Therapy, Sports History, etc.

    There is a place for these players who cannot do higher mental work. Several places.

    The NFL, the NBA….or, if the skills are not that large, driving a beer truck.

  • Jefferson

    Sure, why not? The college students are going to drink before and after the game so we might as well allow adults above the age of 21 with valid IDs to enjoy a beverage or two during the first 3 quarters of the game. Besides, I don’t know any college student who is willing to spend over $5 on a single beer.

  • JasonB

    Would it kill people to forgo alcohol to just watch a game?

  • georges

    Perhaps we should, when we give taxpayer money to students, give it in the form of a debit card.

    You know, like the EBT cards we give to other welfare folks when we give them taxpayer money.

    We could call it the EBT-U card.

    Then we could see just where students are spending our money.

    And, when they buy a $5 beer at the football game, we can bask in the glow that we got a little bit of our wasted money back by the simple expediency of overcharging for the beer.

  • Mark in Freeborn

    No. Allowing beer sales implies that Gopher football can’t be enjoyed without alcohol. Come now, the team isn’t all THAT bad….

  • James


    Fools who need to drink alcohol during a game should stay at home.

    It’s unfair that poisons like alcohol and tobacco are legal while pot is not.