How should the U.S. government respond to the alleged Iranian terrorist plot?

U.S. officials announced Tuesday that they had thwarted a plot by Iranian terrorists to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States. The announcement said that the Iranian government was involved in the plot to kill the ambassador and bomb the Saudi Embassy. Today’s Question: How should the U.S. government respond to the alleged Iranian terrorist plot?

  • Fred

    Respond by legalizing cannabis and smoking them out. Enemies suck, let’s not have them.

  • Philip

    There should be a different question of the day.

  • Mary

    Kill more Americans with drones, we’ve been getting out of hand!

  • Omar

    We should thank Iran, the Saudi’s were the ones behind 911, weren’t they? Oh wait, who blew up building 7?

  • Chuck

    Allegedly, Iranian QUDS forces, attempted to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US on American soil using drug cartel paid assasins.

    Where is Mitch Rapp when you need him?.

    We can but wonder what the Saudis will do? They have an excellent intelligence service and very capable special forces with a long reach. We will probably never know how this plays out between the two countires. I wouldn’t want to a commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard though.

    The US has exposed Iran and the plot – beyond that we should simply, and quietly, aid the Saudis with intelleigence.

  • Tim

    The news media is really beefing up this story.

    We need another “false flag” attack on America, maybe a bio-terror attack as a pretext for bombing and then invading Iran. As if we can afford it.

  • GaryF

    Why is the political left so naive on Iran?

    The left rejoiced over the overthrow of Mubarek and Ghadaffi, but almost not one peep about Iran and Syria.

  • david

    it’s a criminal act, not an act of war. Get over it.

  • James

    With elections only 13 months away,,, the political industrial war machine needs to create some villains for our fearless leader to stump out. Thus, making said person appear to be indispensible for our personal safety. I’m-a-nut-job is a blight on this earth… a single “IED” would take care of that issue.

    I am sick of flipping the bill for the USA global police force. Not to mention all the brave men and women that have lost so much:-(


  • paul

    you should send a reporter to investigate these alleged plots before you air them.just because eric holder says it does not make it true.this is a red herring to take minds off occupy wall are no better than dont deserve a donation.pb

  • GregX

    This is one of the many ways nation-states and psuedo-nations “communicate” on all sorts of issues. It could be other nations, individuals, organziations. Sometimes it’s crude and unconcerned with collarteral damage, other times it is highly tailored and designed to impune some-other.

  • GregX

    GaryF wants to know – Why is the political left so naive on Iran? =================================== If you are under the assumption that the right has some form of wisdom over Iran … pleas share with us why none of it worked during the Bush Administration.

  • david

    Why is the political left so naive on Iran?

    When is the right going to stop being dupes for the petrochemical industry? You can not be calling for reducing the size of, and cutting the cost of government and also wanting to declare war on every pissant country you hypocrites. Iran is no more a threat to us then Iceland (no offence Icelanders!). Just like Afghanistan and Iraq was.

  • Jason

    Follow normal state and justice department procedures, and not use this to foment any current ill relations or to advance any political agendas. Unfortunately, maybe those are normal state department procedures.

  • Jim Shapiro

    We have the opportunity to show that we have learned something from the errors of 9/11, and in a less critical situation: treat it as a criminal act.

    And trust no government. They all lie. Don’t allow them to wag the dog this time.

  • Mary

    What about the Occupation?

    What about Ron Paul?

    What about Cannabis/hemp to feed, clothe, house, medicate, educate and amuse the masses?

    What about the ever-accelerating expansion of the universe?

  • James

    Jim Shapiro, perhaps you didn’t understand the question.

    Do you fear G. O. 1984?


  • Jim Shapiro

    James ( the untread upon ) –

    Touche’ ! 🙂

    But while your prescription for Mr. Nutjob would be effective, I think you’re thinking more in the lines of a predator visit. Lots of planning and not a lot of improvisation goes into those.

  • Dan

    Keep doing what we’re doing intelligence wise. We seem to be keeping ahead of the terrorists at least for now. Continue sanctions against Iran & help Saudi with any info. we have on the planned attack. They are rich enough to take care of themselves without getting any military assistance from us.

  • Adam

    While Iran is a destabilizing force in the region, the Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia is a potential threat, so we need to be careful adopting an “enemy of my (potential) enemy is my friend” stance, the lessons of which we have hopefully learned by now.

    I would suggest letting Israel off its virtual leash; they’ve wanted to deal with the Iranian threat on their own terms for some time now.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Treat it as the criminal act that it is. Don’t listen to the war mongers.

  • John

    More war for Israel, yes, that will make everything better.

  • kimMN

    Is it unusual that the last so called terrorist attempt by the guy with a remote controlled plane trying to bomb the Pentagon turns out to be a sting? All of his material needs for the attack; the remote controlled plane, fuel, AK47 dummy guns and fake C4 were all provided to him in a sting operation. There was no reported group effort by Al-Quida or any imams. He was a lone odd ball.

    Re: the Iran backed assassination attempt:

    We haven’t yet seen any documented cash deposits to the feigned drug cartel operative for the pay off for the designed assassination. Another sting operation vs. uncovered plot.

    And how odd that this story is released the day before Attorney General is to be served for giving falsehoods and alleged cover ups?

    No wonder nearly 3 of 4 now favor removing Holder from the Attorney General’s Office..gosh, can’t Obama appoint anyone who is honest or that is not a socialist or a communist supporter?

    Can anyone name just ONE Obama appointee that isn’t in that ideology group? Just one??

  • kimMN

    Along with the below post we should ask,

    “why would any drug cartel risk bringing the USA and Mexico government more into their world, especially for only a $1.5 million bounty when last year’s conservative accounts shows the Mexican drug cartel averaged over $2 million for just one day’s revenue for their drug movements.

    More campaign points being added up because the last two Al-Quida drone hits still didn’t raise obama’s polls?

  • Jim Shapiro

    KimMN – “Can anyone name just ONE Obama appointee that isn’t in that (socialist or communist) ideology group? Just one??”

    Gee, I don’t know. Socialism and communism are economic principles, right? Hmm. Maybe we should look at some of Obama’s economic appointments then. Let’s see. Larry Summers. Timmy Geithner. Ben Bernanke. Card-carrying reds every one.

    Are you for real or a paid plant for light entertainment?

  • owne

    “you should send a reporter to investigate these alleged plots before you air them.just because eric holder says it does not make it true.this is a red herring to take minds off occupy wall are no better than dont deserve a donation.pb”

    I am concerned that the terrorist paranoia and homeland security’s apparent, everyone’s a terrorist until proven innocent will only escalate.

    In time, I fear they will no longer know the difference between a movement or revolution, and an actual act of terrorism. We are becoming more controlled daily.

    What is considered a terrorist plot? The mention of ill-will towards another over a cup of coffee?

    I think flack jackets should become commonplace in sporting good stores with this slippery slope we are climbing in the middle of hunting season…that and the availablitly of pink revolvers for breast cancer.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “Can anyone name just ONE Obama appointee that isn’t in that ideology group? Just one??”

    How about the ones he kept from the Bush administration– most notably SecDef Robert Gates? Kim, you must think we’re pretty stupid if you’re expecting comments like that to persuade anyone.

  • kimMN

    @Steve the cynic reply_

    Steve named ONE, a carry over from Bush who is OK, but can he name one appointee?

    Maybe I should apologize and be more like Obama….? The media didn’t cover this story:

    Recent leaked cables show Japan quieted a presidential apology for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing , using nukes to end World War II.

    This obsessive need of Obama to apologize for American exceptionalism and our defense of freedom shown again when Barack Obama’s State Department contacted the family of al-Qaida propagandist and recruiter Samir Khan to “express its condolences” to his family.

    Maybe Obama should apologize for holding the alleged Iranian? (gag)

  • kimMN


    every post I make david koch sends me a shinny new nickle!


  • Steve the Cynic

    KimMN, you did ask for “ONE,” and I gave you the most prominent example. Jim Shapiro gave you a couple of others, both of whom are part of the Wall Street old boys’ network, not socialists by any stretch of the imagination.

    You want to change the subject to “apologizing for America”? Okay. Over its history, America has done more good than harm but has much to apologize for nonetheless: slavery, the dispossession and genocide of indigenous tribes, the Spanish-American war, Jim Crow laws, failing to help the Jews while the Nazi genocide was going on, the internment of Japanese-Americans, the targeting of civilians in the carpet bombing of Dresden and Tokyo and in the A-bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the illegal war and war crimes in Vietnam, supporting numerous brutal dictators whose only virtue was being anti-communist, the torture of detainees, and the illegal invasion of Iraq. These are just a few of the most eggregious examples. Obama’s honesty about our past is refreshing, and necessary if we’re asking other countries to be honest about theirs.

  • Dawn

    ‘the dispossession and genocide of indigenous tribes”

    that one is on going Steve.

    and don’t forget about our delay to aid Rwanda back in 1994. Talk about horrific genocide…

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