What should be the U.S. goal in Libya?

President Obama has ruled out regime change as a goal of the NATO intervention in Libya. But others insist that the coalition effort will be a failure if Moammar Gadhafi remains in power. Today’s Question: What should be the U.S. goal in Libya?

  • DMox

    Uh, WE’RE NOT IN LIBYA. I’m not sure where everyone got this idea. I know that we helped bomb Libya, but if you remember, we handed over control of the operation to NATO. You’re a news organization, I resent your assertions.

    I’m not trying to feign ignorance, except to prove a point. It seems the media and Republican establishments have been trying their best to frame this as a new war. It isn’t. It’s a coalition of like minded (warmongers to be sure) nations who are helping to overthrow a dictator. There is oil, sure. There is duplicity, sure. But it’s not a third war, and it is deceptive and haughtily political to frame it as such.

    If you ask: In your opinion, what should NATO’s goal in Libya be? Than my answer is: Gaddafi should be captured & brought to justice for war crimes against his own people, and the democraticly minded opposition should be left to form a new government. Not backed militarily, not given aid, but left to their own devices. It’s the best you can hope for when you interfere in a countries affairs.

  • zeke

    I find it funny how Americans can never win at the world stage. Either we are heavily criticized for going too far in our “meddling” or we are criticized for our “callous inaction” It’s the same story every time.

  • Duane

    To isolate this matter to one country is a serious mistake. We have civil unrest in several countries in this area from Iran to the Ivory Coast. Brutal leaders are taking military action against their people with many being killed. Our current president is either unwilling or afraid to provide the type of leadership needed at this time to assure any change in leadership is done without the massive human cost, that we are seeing in many of these countries at this time.

  • http://homeblogde.blogspot.com/ David Rogde

    It’s a single goal of preventing a human tragedy. Weather any end result is a positive thing or not doesn’t matter. Civilization has stood up for humanity, because this situation lent itself to intervention, it should not be compared to other situations. It is a good thing we have done, whether we get a result we like or not.

  • Sue de Nim

    As in all foreign policy matters, our goal should be to make more friends than enemies by occupying the moral high ground. We could drastically cut our “defense” spending if we had fewer enemies to defend against.

  • GaryF

    I’m not sure. I’m not sure of the original intent also.

    We have to play to win, but I’m not sure what a “win” is in this situation. We kick out Moamar just to have the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda come to power?

    Without “boots on the ground” this could end in a stalemate.

    I think we take a lesser and lesser role. Lets get our ships out of there. Lets see if France, England and Italy can ride this bike with the training wheels taken off. Lets let their people die on the ground, let their million dollar pieces of equipment get ruined. Let’s see if they have the testicular fortitude to run a war both with their military and public opinion back home.

    This was a no win war from the get go. We never should of went. But, that’s what you get when you have a President with no clear foreign policy objectives.

  • Jim Shapiro

    The goal should be to get out while the get’in is good.

  • Chris


  • James

    We can’t afford to play games like this.

    We need to stop being the global cop and start protecting our borders.

    We have drugs, illegal immigrants, and terrorists more or less freely roaming in and out of our boarders.

    I have witnessed a drug haul gone badly in the BWCAW while on a canoe trip in 2008. YES – we live on the border.

    It is all about oil…. Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan (oil pipe line), Iran, Venezuela,

    The USA has the best scientists and engineers in the world. Given the time and money we CAN develop a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

    Can you imagine a technology jump that would overnight render oil obsolete??? All the sand bugs would be left holding an empty bag with no one “needing” the precious black gold. It CAN be done.


  • M H

    Nation building. Not that I agree with such a strategy but that’s what we always end up doing… and failing every time as well. But we do it anyway again and again and never learn from our mistakes. This notion made by the President, “Gaddafi has to go”. Oh really Mr. President, now how exactly do you suppose we do this? It’s apparent that even with air strikes, a no-fly zone and CIA agents slithering around the country, the rebels can’t win.

  • Steve the Cynic

    When has what should be ever been the top criterion in American foreign policy?

  • jack goldman

    Our goal should be to follow rule of law, which is a forgotten way with empires that suffer from amnesia. Rule of law is being rejected.

    What would Americans say if the UN gave Canada permission to bomb the white house and disseminate weapons to rebels when Bill Clinton and Janet Reno ordered the murders at Waco, Texas, killing out own people.

    What about Ruby Ridge where FBI agents shot a 15 year old boy to death, in the back, and then murdered his mother.

    Where is the no fly zone over Israel and occupied Palestine? This American regime is evil and has forgotten rule of law. Why do they hate us? We no longer practice rule of law. Our double standards are repugnant to the world. We should be hated for abandoning rule of law.

  • Jack Goldman

    I think a goal may be to destabilize all Muslim ruled nations so Christians and Jews can use capitalism and democracy to get in and take over. In other words the goal is always money, never anything else.

    Religion, politics, gender bias, racism, saving the women and children, ending global warming, preventing genocide, politics, are all smoke screens for some person to get more money.

    It has always been, is, and will always be only for the money and no other reason. Want to know what’s going on? Follow the money.

  • Raul

    It is amazing how uninformed we all are on our government. See the below facts ( from our own NSE, CIA , State Dept. with Hillary and Obama’s advisor_ Samantha Powers ( married to the Regulatory czar Cass Susstein)

    1. Three months before Egypt protested, Powers, funded by Soros, worked with the Arab Union and Egyptians. Powers and Soros influence created the “Doctirne for Responsibility and Protection” This is the doctrine Obama used to validate the secret agreement to place CIA on the ground well before the protests. BTW, The Powers influenced plan high ligts her book from 2003, ” Trouble from Hell” in which half way through her book she advocates for protecting Palestine from her idea that Israel ‘could” cause genocide against palestine. Her anti-Israel radical views are clear.

    2. What happened in Egypt also occurred in Libya. Did you know Soros gave a million plus to the London School of Economic to get Kadafi’s son enrolled because_ Soros own words, ” He made us believe (Kadafi) that he would be agreeable to our Open Society goals. If you don’t know what the Open Society is by now, then stop reading at this point.

    3. Obama knew about Scottland handing over the Lockerbie plane bomber. The UK’s own records confirmed that info 2 months back.

    4. Obama and the State Dept along with adviser Samantha Powers, eventually agreed to the Arab Union and corrupt UN council , but he ignores Congress???

    5. Most of Congress has been kept quiet when ever they have wanted to find out who_ is on the Federal reserve Board..they are not allowed to even visit Fort Knox since 1999 because? the gold isn’t there. It’s been allocated to the Fed’s central banks and abroad.

    6. What the Obama admin. does in Libya is besides the point. He will not listen to the citizens. Did he bother to stop the Federal Reserve from printing 3 ( yes_ THREE) trillion dollars last Fall that was secretly doled out to numerous foreign banks! That does affect our economy, inflates with worthless transactions and especially_ this is the transparency that Obama promised he would make if elected?

    Impeachment can’t be far away.

    Look it up, do your own research..ask your Congressman why he can not visit Ft. Knox, ask him why _he can’t learn who are the secret members of the federal reserve.

    Libya has those who fought against our troops in Pakistan and Aphghanistan, now fighting Kadafi’s troops. do the math.

  • Angie

    Old men (gals) sending young men out to die. Oil and power. There should be something in the Geneva Accords about governments arming untrained less educated persons to overthrow governments. This will result in havoc throughout Africa. Imagine what all the money spent there by our government and private corporations could do for the infrastructure of this country. Imagine a dreamworld where corporations paid taxes.

  • Benjamin

    To not be stuck there in a protracted occupation for a decade.

  • Jack

    To make sure Libya legalizes marijuana/hemp and that they eat their greens.