How much confidence do you have that America’s commercial air fleet is safe?

After a Southwest Airlines jet developed a hole in its roof and had to make an emergency landing, the FAA has ordered inspections of some older Boeing 737s. Today’s Question: How much confidence do you have that America’s commercial air fleet is safe?

  • DNA

    Without googling what my chances are, I’ll assume I’d be pretty safe. I’d make sure I went in a good mood however 🙂

  • exNWA mechanic

    Outsourcing to foreign maintenance houses has jeopardized safety. Bring the jobs back to the USA mainland would help, you think?!

  • MikeK

    Safer than riding in a car, truck, bus and easier than biking or walking there. “Any landing you can walk away from is a good one.”

  • Steve the Cynic

    Don’t we have more important things to worry about than this easily-fixed (and being fixed) technical malfunction? Airlines are still the safest mode of passenger transportation by a long shot. Meanwhile, the Replutocrats in Congress, led by Paul Ryan, are getting ready to sell off America to the highest bidder. Wake up, people!

  • steve

    we need to have safe transport-bring the jobs to usa and planes commercial are safe-but the issue of foreign workers is serious mechanics are as important as your priest!

  • DMox

    When I was in second grade, I went to the school library & checked out a book about the future. It claimed that by the time I was 30, we’d all have our own hovercrafts & jet packs and be taking vacation on the moon. Where’s my darn jet pack?!

  • David

    This is sort of an irrelevant question. The cost of flights, and the horrible customer service I’ve experienced on Northwest the last several times I have flown has eliminated any desire to fly anymore anyway. The inept, uncaring, terrible service by the staff of NWA before the merger was a symptom of much greater issues at the core of the company and the industry of a whole. These planes will be dropping from the sky in droves in the upcoming years. The time of the jet set if over, and I’m looking for entertainment closer to home.

  • Jim Blilie

    You are kidding, right?

    Our commercial (CFR 14, Part 25 airplanes: large airliners and the system that supports them) is the safest transportation system ever devised — and it continues to get safer by the year, because of lots of hard work from the manufacturers, operators, and regulators.

    It is, literally, 10,000 times safer than driving in your car. Those are the hard data. approximately 30,000 people die in cars in the US every year. We haven’t had an air fatality in many years.

    I also want to point out something that’s very important: This was a safe decompression. The plane did not crash. No one died. No one was directly injured. The skin flapped one stringer bay X one frame bay, exactly as designed.

    Structural failures WILL occur. That you know for sure. This one failed SAFELY.

    Structural failures account (root cause) for a tiny percentage of airplane crashes.

  • Matthew

    I feel safer in the air than I do on the road, with people who approach driving as a competitive endeavor rather than a cooperative one.

  • Kevin VC

    I have faith in the pilots and staff of the planes, plus the Mechanics when allowed to do their job in the correct manner.

    As to the condition and maintenance record seeing the government is slashing the budget to over see the airlines and their safetly, I see little confidence what we have as a airline industry will be maintained.

    Heck, Chicago is already over burdened. Our radar and tracking systems are way out of date. And things are not keeping up as the cost increases per year have been zeroed out.

    NEVER mind the increasing need to go beyond the cost per year need increases to UPDATE the over used system as it was….

    For now I have faith in it, how long or if it will last I do not know.

    I know I trust my bicycle at least…

  • Glenn

    As for now- one is much safer boarding an aircraft WITHOUT a white star on the door!!!

    X- military mechanic

  • Ann

    Thousands of people die on the roads every year and thousands more are injured. I don’t fear flying. People have told me that they feel more in control when they are driving.I feel safer flying than driving or walking.

  • Capatin

    With all these silly websites, such a great page keeps my inetnret hope alive.

  • Philly

    Fell out of bed feelnig down. This has brightened my day!